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Part 28: One Born of a Dragon

Cecil arrives at Mysidia, and it seems his arrival was anticipated by the Elder. The Overworld and Underworld know both know about the Mysidian Legend, but is this the hour of its fulfillment?


It seems the Lunar Whale isn't a whale at all... it's an airship!?

A strange voice addressed me during our prayers. You are to fly to the Moon. Someone awaits you there.

But how can we possibly get there?

The Lunar Whale is from the Moon. According to an old Mysidian legend, there is a Crystal inside the ship that controls navigation between here and the Moon. You must communicate with it.

I will see what I can do.

The Lunar Whale is huge.

It has a Fat Chocobo in it for storing excess items... well as a place to rest. It also has controls to steer it around the Overworld.

But that's not important. To the moon!

Well, not quite yet, anyways. That will be next time. Going to the Moon does let Cecil do something else now though...

The Excalibur is one of the best weapons in the game.

It has the Holy Element and also boosts Cecil's Strength by 10. It's the second-most powerful sword (at least it was, I have a feeling the Advance content might change that though).

Next time, the Moon.