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Part 29: The Other Moon

Cecil and his friends return to the Moon.

The most prominent structure looks like spires of Crystal, but the Lunar Whale can't get anywhere near it. Looks like it's going to be a long walk.

And not a pleasant one, either. Abyss Worms hit for four digits and counter attacks with Vampire.

A Golden Apple boosts Max HP by 100. That's worth saving for later.

Save yourself some trouble and just Titan the bastards.

Oh for-

The Lunar Path winds through the under-surface of the Moon, with enough holes to be comparable to Swiss cheese. Eventually the group manages to limp into the Crystal Palace.

*Insert a wonderful Technicolor disco shot here*

You are...?

I am FuSoYa. My duty is to protect the slumber of the Lunarians.

The Lunarians?

Many, many, years ago, a small planet between Mars and Jupiter was on the verge of destruction. Species of the planet escaped on a ship to the the Blue Planet, Earth. However, the species there, Humans, was still evolving, so the Lunarians created another moon where they could sleep a long, long slumber.

So that's where Lunarians come from...

Edge has heard of them?

However, there was one Lunarian who refused to sleep. Instead, he wished to raze everything on the Blue Planet and create a new home there.

How awful...

I was able to seal him with my powers and force him to sleep. However, during his deep sleep, he channeled his evil to the corrupt ones on your planet. And now he uses them to gather the Crystals.

Then he must be the one behind Golbez's actions!

Who is "he"?

His name is Zemus. He is gathering the Crystals, our energy source, to run the Dimensional Elevator in the Giant of Babel. With it, he'll destroy everything on your planet.

Way to contribute, Rosa.

However, many Lunarians feel we can come to an understanding with Humans. They are merely sleeping and waiting for Humans to reach their level of evolution.

But what about the Lunar Whale?

That was built by my brother, KluYa, years ago, as transportation to the Blue Planet. He had always dreamed of visiting unknown lands. This is how the Devil's Road and Airship technology were introduced to your world.

So much for that non-interference policy, huh.

On the Blue Planet, KluYa fell in love and had many children.

Me!? ...Then the voice I heard on Mount Ordeals was...

The voice came from the soul of KluYa, your father. I see it now... You resemble him when he was your age.

That was the voice...of my father!

You have received power from KluYa to stop Zemus and his evil plan. You must do this for your planet! For all Lunarians! You must hurry to the Tower of Babel in Eblan!

The Tower of Babel? How will we get around its barrier?

I should be able to enter. We cannot let the Giant of Babel reach the Blue Planet! I will join you on your journey.

FuSoYa then joins the party.

He's a lot like Tellah on steroids. Meteor and Holy are no problem for him.

Cecil's next task is to head back to Earth, but there's a God of Summons on the Moon to look for first...