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Part 30: God of War

The only real landmark on the Moon besides the Crystal Palace is this strange area.

The Genji equipment in this cave provides a nice defensive upgrade. Cecil takes the shield and Edge takes the Helm, Armor, and Gloves because he's made out of tissue paper.

Bone Dragons are weak to fire, but not Ifrit. Rydia's Firaga does about 8000 damage here, but if it doesn't die the beast can counter with a nasty Flame attack.

Behemoths are pricks. You are forced to fight three of these freaks to proceed in here.

They hit hard, counter hard, have no real weaknesses, and can counter spells like Holy with Maelstrom (reduces targets to single digit HP). The best way to deal with them is to cast Blink on the party. Blink prevents the next couple of physical attacks from hitting, so it just becomes a matter of keeping it up on the party.

There's little children on the third floor. How did they get down here?

I hate children.

Now THIS guy looks like he knows what's going on.

If by judgment he means horrible pain and suffering, he's absolutely right.

Bahamut counts down from 5 to 0 at an alarming rate. When he does... leaves a mark. The key to this battle is to get Reflect up on everyone. Unlike Final Fantasy III, Reflect lasts for more than one magic attack, so this is a lot easier to accomplish. Bringing an extra caster along (FuSoYa) makes it even easier.

You can attack him, I guess.

It's not really needed though.

Rydia can now cast the ultimate summon, Bahamut. She'll be casting it a lot.

With this newfound power, Cecil's group heads back to Earth to stop Zemus' plan...