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Part 38: Part B - The Bard's Tale

Floors of Remembrance are straight rips from areas you've already been to. This is not fun.

Yes, those are the same Tiny Mages from the original Waterfall area. Crystal Dragons aren't really that hard, especially with Edward's Harp of Dragon Slaying.

Sahagin Princes can hit with Thundaga way harder than anything else seen so far.

A random Chocobo tops off the group's MP.

It's a sword that turns enemies into pigs. Yay.

The next Trial belongs to Edward.

Damcyan Castle!? What is going on?


? The voice was coming from somewhere over there...

This... This is...

The Requiem Harp is a new weapon for Edward. It's...special.

A spirit-thing appears out of freaking nowhere.

It doesn't take much to do lethal damage to the Specter. But... just keeps on living, no matter how many times it's killed.

This is endless!


Edward has a cunning plan.

Singing. Lullaby is one of his silly Sing moves that tries to put an enemy to sleep. It fails.

However, his singing now has a secondary effect thanks to the Requiem Harp.

Whenever a Specter has been killed at least once, Edward's new harp adds the Requiem song after each of his old crappy ones. Requiem puts the Specter out of its misery.

There are no random encounters here, but every soul here must pass on. Edward's the Ghost Whisperer now.

Doing so makes this last soul show up. Once it's gone...

I feel cold air coming from somewhere!

Over here!

...a secret staircase is located.

This underground area has more souls to save. They all must be rescued to proceed.

Edward proceeds to get hit in the face, breaking his new toy in the process.

Freeze? If you didn't figure out why it was so cold here already...

...SPAAAAACE Shiva is to blame. She's a lot harder than Lunar Titan.

She has a powerful Ice Storm that can one-shot weak characters, and she has single-target Blizzagas as well. She has a very unique counter- when she's hit with Fire spells like Firaga she'll counter by hitting herself with Blizzaga, healing herself for about 3000 damage. Rydia's averaging 9000 damages with said Firagas, but it keeps Space Shiva alive long enough to put some hurt on the party. We eventually get another Space Book for the victory (Grimoire LS).

Although this may not be our world, I've managed to save Damcyan...

The Harmonious Ring changes Edward's Sing Command into Chant. Chant casts Protect and Shell on the whole party and is very awesome.

Rest in peace...

On to the next!

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