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Part 44: Part H - The Engineer's Wild Ride

There's a second town in the Ruins that has Megalixirs and new weapons. The Rising Sun still hits hard despite it not being Wind Elemental like it should. The Assassin Daggers... not so much.

(Which is annoying because you can have 4-5 party members with those little cattle prods of death and I think it would make this place so much more fun).

Cid's trial is up next.

The group is back on Earth? With the Enterprise nearby as well...

I'm lost and I don't know how to get home! Will you help me?

I know everything about maneuvering airships! Leave it to me!

I'm starving and thirsty... Can you make it there in, say, a minute and twenty seconds?

A minute!? Well, I suppose I could...

Please, take me inside the town! There's no time for dillydallying!

Alright! Time's a wastin'!

The gimmick here is a test to see how well you know the World Map. Mysidia is just south of here.

Plenty of time to spare. Cid's gonna make some CRAZY money!

Thanks a lot!

...He seemed awfully energetic for someone who was supposed to be starving...

Can you give me a lift? I have to hurry and deliver this medicine!

Sure thing! Where are ya off to?

I have to get to Troia in under sixty seconds!

Sixty seconds? Alright! Leave it to the Cidster!

Troia's in the northwest corner of the map. Reaching it in time is not an issue.

I should run and deliver this! I can't keep my date waiting!

I thought we were in a rush to deliver the medicine... Yeesh.

There's been an accident in Fabul! Can you give me a lift?

I hope it's for something important this time...

Can you take me there in under forty seconds?

Forty seconds!? Fine! Hurry up and get in!

It's a straight shot east (or west) to Fabul.

Then get outta here!

...You seem to be in a hurry once again.

My daughter's wedding starts in thirty-five seconds!

What!? Weddings are one of the most important things in the world! Get in!

The tricky thing about Kaipo is that Cecil has no reason to ever go back there, so you wouldn't know you can't land nearby. You have to take a bit of a hike.

There's a few seconds to spare, but not many.

I have a daughter. But there's also a young lady who I care for very much... Enough talk! Scram already!

Sure! Hop on!

I can get there by the count of thirty, right?

I'll try, but I can't make any promises... What the heck! I promise!

Agart's in an island in the middle of nowhere and is pretty damn hard to find intentionally.

I'm not...that old...

It's looks like you had a rough time...

N-No sweat! I'm still young! I have energy! Come on, let's find an exit!

Let's go.

Are you the annoying bug that's been buzzing through my skies? I will swat you down like the little insect you are!

SPAAAAAACE Ramuh makes quite the entrance. This is the only real fight on an airship (the other being Cecil in the intro, but there was no player input there).

He has a Lightning move, and counters physical attacks harshly with Thundaga and magical attacks with Blitz on the whole group. As long as you attack while fully healed there's no real danger here.

Because Cid got all five passengers to their destination on time he gets the Fiery Hammer. It has the Fire Element(der) and will sometimes follow up an attack with Flare. Fiery Hammer, Abel's Lance, and Lightbringer are the only three weapons here that work properly (they fall just in the right range to be counted as weapons in the coding, thankfully).

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