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Part 45: Part I - The Twin Mages' Crucible

Yay more dragons let's cut the crap and get to the Trial proper, there's only annoying floors here. Palom and Porom are the only ones left.

Whoa! What's with this huge slab!?

I don't think we can continue down this path.

Cecil tries to move a giant slab of earth. It goes about as well as could be expected.

...Ugh! It won't give at all...

Hey! There's something written over here!

Let me try to decipher it. "Into the narrow gate and beyond two paths. Two must become one to overcome the trials."

The narrow gate?

I'm not really sure what it means, but I guess we should start looking for another entrance.

To the concern of Cecil and the others, Palom and Porom take off in a hurry. It seems they've discovered something, however.

I think this is the gate Porom mentioned, but there's no way you geezers will fit... has Porom found anything?

Interestingly enough, she has.

Oh! Palom found an entrance as well? It looks like Palom and I are the only ones who can squeeze through such a narrow space.

You can count on me! There's nothing in this world I can't do!

Wait a minute! Slow down. Remember what was written on the wall.

"Beyond two paths"...

That's easy! I'll take one path, and Porom will take the other.

Yes, I think that's the answer. The rest of you, please stay here until we return.

Too bad there's two entrances. This was supposed to be my chance to shine and be a hero...

Hush! Now come on! We have to get going!

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Palom's path is up first.

There are enemies here, but they're a joke and the twins can poke them to death easily.

Palom presses it the big button, but nothing happens.

Huh? I guess it's not a switch after all.

! How did the doors open? (Palom! Did you touch anything? The doors on this side just opened.)

Yeah, I pressed this switch... Oh, I get it! The switches here open the doors on your side!

(Apparently so. Then we must cooperate to continue down our paths.)

Right, Sis! I've got it all under control!

The gimmick here is similar to FF6's Phoenix Cave. You have to switch between two parties to help the other proceed. This dungeon adds another gimmick on top of that... combines it with FF3(the NES one, mind you)'s status dungeons. Palom needs to Toad himself to proceed here.

This hole requires Mini, which is easy enough for Porom.

Pig, however, is not in her repertoire.

There are tiles all over both character's trials. Stepping on them once activates a status magic, and stepping on it a second time removes it.

Porom's latest switch lets Palom Mini himself to proceed.

Float is needed to cross these broken tiles. Palom has Pig and Toad, while Porom has Mini and Float. It's all one (actually fun) puzzle.

Porom stomps on a large green button on the floor, which is different from all the wall switches previously seen.

Hm? Nothing's happening.

Palom reaches a similar switch.

Huh? Nothing's happening.

(Palom? Is anything happening?)

Huh? Nothing's happening here either. Is this a dead end?

(Palom! How does it look over there?)

I pressed the last switch, but I don't think anything happened.

(How odd... I pressed the last switch too. What should we do?)

...Wait, I've got it! "Two must become one"... We have to do it at the same time!

(The words on the wall... Alright, let us try)!

Ready, set...



Are you two alright?

Of course! What do you take me for?

You were a great help, but it is really nothing to boast about.

I'm glad you two are okay. Now, let's go.

The group tries to go...

...but this old man gets in the way.

On your guard, everyone!

SPAAAAAAACE Leviathan is the third Leviathanesque fight in the game (the second being Ogopogo in the Lunar Subterrane). He adds a Maelstrom attack to the mix, but is still painfully weak to Thundaga. Like his predecessors, he has way too many HP for how trivial he is.

Phew! There's nothing I can't handle!

It looked like you were in trouble for a while, or did I just imagine that...?

You two have been a great help, as always.

I know!

Remind me to teach you the meaning of the word "modesty"...

That's not an error. There's a Twin Stars glove for both Palom and Porom. When both are worn and they use their Twin Command they can use Double Meteor like Golbez and FuSoYa. It's not very useful at all as Palom can already hit the damage cap on most enemies and Porom should be casting Curaja.

Next Time:

The end. Somebody's going to be "getting out"...