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Part 5

Chapter 5

Ceodore's Tale - Last of the Red Wings

Looks like the chapter officially starts when the second moon appears, but too late to fix it. Besides, it makes sense to start it here, since Ceodore actually is the last of the Red Wings at this point. Oh well.

So we move to this overworld-ish location that isn't actually the overworld.


Uh oh!

Nevermind, pretty easy fodder.

Even managed to learn Protect from those scrubs!

Heh, let's see what you've got.


Luckily, this isn't the Tower of Zot, so this guy's Blaze attack merely knocks you down to 1HP.

Still, kind of clever of them to stick a Flamehound of all things here. They could've done any other strong enemy, but they chose the one that dicked everyone over as a kid.

Or maybe it was just me.

Oh yeah, Ceodore just got his shit wrecked.

Oh my.

First of all, capturing interlaced 2D footage and making it look nice is a pain.

Second, while it's pretty cool to see right now, this game really likes having random characters jump in on critical moments of a battle. It's right up there with having characters say nothing but one-word questions and each other's names.

Third, What!?

Are you all right?

Tell me about it.

I...I can do it. I must get back to matter the cost!

I am a member of the Red Wings of Baron. I don't need an airship to lay claim to that.

Being a member of the Red Wings won't fly you back to Baron, you know. Hope you know how to swim!

You've heard of them?
"Who hasn't heard of them" would be a better question. That's the most famous unit in Baron's military.

Yes, I know now. My mother and father have often told me about it.
We can reach Baron from Mysidia, in the west.

Ah, so we're on the Mysidian continent.

Is there a ship there?
Something even better than that. I'm coming along with you.
Are you sure?
I have business of my own in Baron. Urgent business. name is Ceodore. And you are...?


Weren't you in a hurry just now?


(Recommended listening, as it's just that good)

So here we are on the overworld, finally doing some exploring. Before we do, though, let's check out our new companion!

Before we start with "Hooded Man," notice that Ceodore has actually had a class change. He started off as a Prince, but now he's Red Wings. It shows growth from being known as the son of the King of Baron to being known as a the member of the Red Wings.

Our friend comes with a Falchion, which Ceodore can't use. He's also left-handed.

I stole Cecil's gear for a reason! It's not like Cecil's going to need that stuff for awhile.

So this left-handed blonde man that is in the same area as Mysidia and Mt. Ordeals starts off at the same level as Cecil and Rosa did in the Prologue. He has no abilities whatsoever, but he hits hard enough for it not to be a factor.

Compare Hooded Man's damage output to Ceodore. Definitely a welcome addition to our team.

I just wonder who this mystery man could be! Oh well, let's go exploring.

Unfortunately, he won't let us explore Mt. Ordeals and class-change into a Paladin, so I guess we must go to Mysidia.

But first!

Chocobos are still around, though the Big Chocobo seems to have vanished.

Oh well, no random encounters! Hooray!

Alright, that was a fun two minutes of exploration. Let's advance the plot!

To Ceodore's credit, at least that question was a whole two words.

Yes...the seal blocking the way to the Devil's Road.

So our goal is to bypass the seal and take it to Baron, much as Cecil did with Tellah and the twins after becoming a Paladin. Much of Ceodore's journey, as you'll see, involves following the footsteps of his father, though to a much lesser extent.

Anyway, common sense says to go to the House of Elders, so let's explore first!

Looks like we made quite an impact on the town!

That was where Kain was training at the end of FF4. So he's still been there for seventeen years?

Too bad that Hooded Man guy didn't let us explore there. Ceodore should at least meet the guy!

The mages also talk a bit about Palom and Porom, who have both grown quite a bit. Palom is currently off in Troia, which we'll get into later. Porom's still in town, though, so it's worth checking on her soon.

I didn't realize how much money I had. Still, not gonna bother blowing it on Potions. Potions are hilariously out-of-date anyway, which is sad considering we've only been playing for, what, an hour already? You're better off saving for Hi-Potions at this point.

Remember the dancer who'd Pig you? Yeah, she's not doing that shit anymore. Probably just as well, as Ceodore's too young for that kind of freaky shit.

Enough banter. Let's go to the northern hall.

Me? Oh, don't worry. I'm not that bad quite yet... I am more concerned about you. Please, please be careful... The moon is two once more... You must hurry to Cecil's side!

The Elder's getting on in years, and the question on Mysidia's mind is who will replace him. The two main candidates are Palom and Porom, and you know what this is stupid fuck this.

To be fair, I don't think the Devil's Road is exactly a big secret. Or a secret at all, really, as everyone in both towns know about it.

I am Ceodore, of the Red Wings of Baron.
It's you! Heavens, you've certainly grown, haven't you?
You...know me?
Of course you don't remember me. We haven't met since you were a very, very young child.
So you are...?

Ceodore's the kid who responds to every single statement with "Why?"

You're Porom? My parents have told me so much about you.
So why do you want to use the Devil's Road?

Smoke is coming from Baron's direction!
I knew it... That would explain the unease I've been feeling lately.

Porom decides to introduce us to some new friends.

We want to take the Devil's Road back to Baron.

But I must warn you, the pathway wasn't named the Devil's Road for humor's sake. It'll be a rough road to plow by yourselves, I fear.

Pretty sure it's all talk. Everyone mentioned the road being a draining experience, but Cecil and company handled the trip just fine, and his group included two young children and a really old guy. Pretty sure Ceodore and his friend can handle it.

I'd go with you, but I can't leave the Hall of Prayer empty right now. These two mages will guide you instead.
Thank you!
Please take care. Send Cecil and Rosa my regards!
I will!

Before we tackle that Devil's Road, there's one more thing to check out.

Remember these guys? To think, everything happened because Cecil took this little fella. Damn, now I'm getting nostalgic.

While I went shopping for our new team mates, the moon changed.

White Magic down, Special Abilities up. Too bad we don't have any special abilities!

Meet White Mage and Black Mage. White Mage is a little rude and refuses to look at us. White Mage can go fuck herself.

White Mage and Black Mage know some basic White Magic and Black Magic respectively.

White Mage and Black Mage also can't level, which again speaks much for their longevity. Hooded Man at least can level, even if he can't do anything but swing his sword.

Rosa's equipment goes to White Mage, including that Healing Rod. I get Black Mage an Ice Rod, which I will somewhat regret, and some better armor.

Alright, time to go to Baron!

Well, that was simple. A quick trek to Mysidia, and we're already going to be at Baron. Looks like the game's going to show us a bit of mercy!