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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 7

Chapter 7

So we're back in the City of Baron. Our goal is to meet up with Cecil and make sure Baron's alright, and then take care of the monsters or some shit.

Before we do that, we're gonna loot the place of info and items.

As usual, most of the NPCs have nothing useful to say. There's still some good words, though.

And loot. Can't forget loot.

Thankfully, there's now a ship at Kaipo that you can use to skip the bullshit of Mist.

Theoretically, anyway. Obviously we won't be allowed to use it, because it would be too convenient. So they tease us with a shortcut we can't use.

Of course they did.

This means once we do go to the Mist Cave, we're obviously doing it on a Full Moon.

It's nice to have dreams.

See, there's a nice bit of backstory you don't really think about. Cecil never really knew his parents, and his brother kind of wrecked havoc on the world and went off to live on the moon with his uncle. He was essentially raised by the King of Baron, and his only close friends were Rosa and Kain, the latter of whom secretly envied him for winning the heart of the woman Kain himself loved.

I mean, most protagonists don't have a family anyway, but I like how in Cecil's case his backstory is a bit more nuanced.

Apparently Cecil drove out the monsters despite getting his ass kicked by Bahamut. Something's a bit fishy here.

Let's do some shopping.



Nah just kidding. Seriously, though, Spider Silk is awesome as it's the item form of Slow.

Forget the items that do Fira or whatever. Even items that give great status effects like Haste or Blink pale to the almighty Spider Silk. It's great for when you don't have any characters with the Slow spell. Like if White Mage leaves soon.

What can I say, I love Slow that much.

We also buy some Hi-Potions but who cares.

This must be Wedge's wife.

Yeah, it is a shame Kain's not here, in Baron, at this very moment. I wonder where he is right now.

So Mist Cave is blocked off for now.

Let's go check on Cid's place.

Meet Mid. Grandson of Cid. At least he's not as goofy as FF5 Mid.

No sign of Cid. Not a good sign...

This is Rosa's mother, and thus Ceodore's grandmother. Even she thinks everything's alright.

Let's get some weapons!

Pick up an Iron Sword and a Thunder Rod. Thunder Rod is actually a bit useful, while the Iron Sword will soon be replaced by something better anyway.

Remember this little passageway?

They actually kick you out of the shop this time. Not a bad little inside joke.

Kind of a weird place to tan.

There's still items in the water.

Heh, you haven't played the original game, have you.

Enough banter, let's go check up on Dad.

It's me! Ceodore!
No one may pass... Orders from the king...
Can't you see who I am!?
Let's go, Ceodore.

Never change, Ceodore.

We're wasting our time here.

So the gang leaves the obviously brainwashed guards.

Wait, how would the Hooded Man know the guards were brainwashed before? Just what could this guy know about brainwashing?

Ceodore expresses his confusion in a lengthy dissertation.

I'm impressed you know about that...but isn't that way locked?
Someone has got to have the key, right? Let's have a look around the town.

So back to town. After some poking around...

That was easy.

Since we're going to use the Underground Waterway again, might as well heal up.

Next time, we go through the Underground Waterway, where nothing has changed!