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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 8

Chapter 8

I hope this song hasn't gotten old yet!

The hidden path? Still there!

So this dungeon is the exact same as before. Pretty sure even the enemies are the same as the original.

Including Gators

And Fish and Clams.

Take note that Black Magic is actually weaker under this moon.

Fuck yeah, Black Mage.

Tsunami is annoying but not deadly.

Even though Black Mage dies. Where'd he go?

White Mage meanwhile fervently prays to the gods.

Meet Black Lizard.

He counters all attacks with Petrify Glare, which inflicts Gradual Petrify. It's nothing serious, but something to keep an eye on since it will get worse with time until your character is essentially a statue. Multiple castings on one person speed things up, so keep an eye out for that.

It turns out not to be an issue and I smash the thing to oblivion.

Well, I feel stupid buying that Iron Sword about now.

While a critical hit, that Lightning-elemental sword still helps immensely in this dungeon. It makes Ceodore actually semi-useful rather than completely outclassed by everyone else.

Soma Drop is the MP equivalent to the Silver Apple, giving you +10 Max MP.

The rest is uneventful, so let's get to Baron already.

There's nothing but silence here.

For some abritrary reason, I decide to strip our mages nude!

Your parents are in the castle?
What are their names?
My father's name is Cecil, and my mother is Rosa.

Oh come the fuck on, Hooded Man. Porom even tells Ceodore to say hello to Cecil and Rosa. Were you just not paying attention then?

Anyway, Hooded Man is surprised that Ceodore is the son of Cecil and Rosa for some mysterious reason.

What's wrong?
No, nothing...
I'm going ahead to check up on them!

What is it?
Watch yourself...
I will...

What is it?
Our mission was only to accompany you on your way to Baron.
That's right.
Something bad is brewing as we speak.
We need to bring word of this crisis to Mysidia.
Well, thanks. I appreciate the help you gave me.

Don't know why the mages left so quickly. Shouldn't they have at least waited a bit longer to gather more information at Baron before leaving? Or have Hooded Man escort them out the front door instead of backtracking through the sewers?

Anyway, we're soloing as Hooded Man for now.

After the mages leave, Hooded Man hears a noise and enters to investigate.

Ceodore is in danger! I need to hurry!

I love when jRPG characters talk to themselves.

Anyway, hurry we must!

But first Hooded Man gets in Rosa's bed and sniffs around or something.

Seriously, why the hell does Ceodore still sleep with his parents he's freaking 17 years old god damn no wonder he has daddy issues.

Switch? Still broken.

The castle's completely empty besides the two guards at the entrance. Once we approach the throne room, though...

Well, this is creepy.

Also empty.

Or so it appeared.

Looks like Cecil's alright after all. Guess it takes more than a mere Megaflare to take down the man who saved the world.

Of course I am. I need to be if Baron is going to continue keeping the peace in this world.

Huh, so Hooded Man apparently knows Cecil's personality well enough to know he's acting different just from one sentence.

Guys, I think the Hooded Man is Cid. Everything fits together.

Do I know you?

Cecil's as flummoxed concerning Hooded Man's identity as the rest of us.

If you're just a stray beggar, then please leave immediately. I am a very busy man.
Pardon me...

Well, that went well.

Yeah...looks that way.
They...did the monsters get them all?
Looks to be that way...
I couldn't even find Cid's airship, the Enterprise...
You didn't? Let's just pray he got out safely.
Let's hope so...

Ceodore rejoins without even questioning where the mages went.

Hooded Man can see that Cecil's under some sort of spell. Brainwashed, maybe? Makes me wish Kain were here, as he's used to brainwashing.

Let's get kicked out of the castle.

I'm going to look for the Enterprise!
Is that right...
What about you?

One abrupt scene change later...

There was an uninvited guest right here earlier. I don't know how he got in, but he did.
Your orders, then...
I have never met the man before, but there was something about him...

Understood, Your Majesty...

Cecil doesn't remember the shortcut he himself took so many years ago, and didn't recognize the guy that knew him.

Of course, most people would know something's wrong the moment they saw Cecil act like a dickhole. Even as a Dark Knight, Cecil has always been nothing but a big softie. I think he's been more cross to Rosa than his enemies.

Anyway, back to our crew.

You really think we were going to go a whole update without Ceodore's catchphrase?

Go where?
We're going Mist Cave.

Have to love the urgency in his voice.

Oh yeah and we randomly learned a Band. Yeah, sometimes you learn Bands just from progressing the story.

This one hits a single enemy for pretty decent damage. Not exploiting a weakness with an -ara spell, but still pretty better. Plus it not like Hooded Man has anything better to do with his MP.

Next time, the final dungeon of this chapter is the very first dungeon of the original! How anticlimatic!