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Part 104: Artwork - Ceodore's Tale

Artwork Update #1

Once each chapter, I plan to post some artwork for this game. Character, chapter, wallpapers, all that stuff. I'll also post stuff made for the PSP remake.

I'm kind of doing this early, but I really want to get to Page 2 before I post the next update and overload this page full of images, so here I am...posting more images. Welp.

Ceodore's official art. Is it just me, or would that scarf be a huge disadvantage in a heated battle?

The US version changed Ceodore's art for...some reason. They don't change anyone else's faces, so I don't see the point other than to make Ceodore look out of place.

The US version also followed the proud tradition of censoring certain female characters' artwork, but we'll get to that in later updates.

Click here for the full 1104x1272 image

Render for Ceodore designed for the PSP version. Pretty much the same questionable design, with the ridiculously long scarf (for battle purposes) and that weird head ornament. Also, much spikier hair, because that's all the rage with the kiddies who are playing a 2D sequel to a 17-year-old game.

Click here for the full 750x1263 image

Amano sketch of Ceodore, again for the PSP version. This one points attention to that weird half-skirt of his. Also, his pelvis is staring right at you.

You know, the more I look at these, the more ridiculous Ceodore's design is. Then again, you can say the same thing about every single other FF character. The characters in TAY won't compete with, say, belt-dresses, but there's still a couple of odd-ball ones.

Amano sketch of Ceodore, Rosa, and Cecil. Why is Rosa wearing a robe? Why does Amano draw everyone's pupils at the top of their eyes, making them look like zombies?

Finally, the chapter art for Ceodore's chapter, which we technically haven't officially started yet. Each chapter has a piece of art dedicated to it, showing off the chapter's characters. Well, most do. Ceodore's is an exception, as Cecil and Rosa don't technically show up in Ceodore's chapter. This stage of the game is the Prologue, and after this they don't show up for a long time. It also doesn't include an important character who we'll run into later, but that's for the future.

Though this one is kind of underwhelming, most of the chapter art is pretty great, with beautiful backgrounds and the characters pulling off dramatic poses.

And with that, I'll do Chapter 4 later today.