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Part 107: Artwork - Palom's Tale

I'll probably tie up that loose end with the King's Bounty Pub later as a bonus update. Thing is, it requires a lot of money to do everything, so that'll be put on the backburner along with that damn Mythril Nut.

Until then, let's close things out with more artwork!

The chapter art for this Tale. Wonder who's in that light in the background?

Palom really has a Blizzard theme going on, you know. He casts Blizzard on Mount Ordeals, he comes with an Ice Rod or whatever it's called, and I'm pretty sure he learns Blizzaga before the other spells. Plus his artwork here showing that blue rod. Leonora seems more of a Fire specialist, though I was hoping she'd favor Thunder since nobody ever specializes with that.

Oh wait, this is about art.

FMV Palom from the PSP version. At least his hair still doesn't look that stupid.

And no, you're never going to learn just what the hell is up with that thing on his head.

CGI render of Leonora for the PSP version. Coincidentally, she's one of the few female characters whose art wasn't censored for the U.S. Imagine that.

FMV Leonora. Just what the hell is all that crap on her head?

PSP portraits:

PSP battle sprites:

Palom's definitely pissed about something.


oh god