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Part 111: Artwork - Kain's Tale

Time to gather up some artwork. This one's a doozie!

Artwork for Kain's Tale. It's actually pretty badass, though awkward. Dark Kain's face looks so weird.

Rosa CGI Render. Seriously, there is no middle ground here. Now that Rosa's a mother, she's too modest to even show her neck!

Hooded Man character art. Weird choice of weapon since as the Hooded Man, Kain doesn't equip spears other than his final showdown with Dark Kain.

Dark Kain character art. Fun fact: Dark Kain is indeed darker than regular Kain. While Kain's armor is usually a lighter blue, Dark Kain takes on a dark blue hue, both in the GBA version and in this game. Of course, I don't think this game even bothers differentiating the two's palettes, since the team was too focused on developing the well-crafted story and all.

Amano illustration for Dark Kain done for the PSP version.

FMV shot from the PSP version of Dark Kain being a weirdo creep in front of Rosa.

FMV shot of Dark Kain and Hooded Man battling it out. Neither apparently has good aim.

Amano illustration of Ceodore, Cecil, Rosa, and a couple of Kains. Amano's drawings may be weird, but they sure can be colorful.

PSP battle sprites. Kain's sprite, now with 50% less chest.

PSP portraits. Cid looks so much better now that you can tell he has a visor and pipe. He looks pissed and like he's snarling with a weird nose in the WiiWare version.

shit kain

didn't know you wanted to be a mayan lizardman