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Part 112: Artwork - Miscellaneous - Part One

Been awhile since I did an art update. I've got some catching up to do, starting with the Tale Artwork.

This is back from the Lunarians' Tale. I showed it before, but I might as well include it here too. Golbez may be blind, but even he knows he looks too good to hide his body.

Chapter Artwork for The Gathering. Don't know what's with the pattern on the moon, but man does our crew know how to pose dramatically.

True Moon Chapter Artwork. Yawn.

Planet Eater Chapter Artwork. They really phoned these last two in.

Someone took a bunch of character art from the original crew and pasted them all together, then put Ceodore in the front. Luca was so snubbed.

Amano sketch of Kain and Golbez. At least Golbez has eyes this time.

Complete Collection CGI Render of Cecil. Now I see where Ceodore's penchant for extravagant scarves stems from.

Amano sketch of Cecil for TAY. I particularly like his shifty eyes, like he knows somebody's up to mischief.

FMV shot of Cecil and Rosa. Seriously, scarves and weird head ornaments must be trendy as hell on the Blue Planet right now.

PSP battle sprites of Golbez and Cecil. I think that's everyone with those two.

PSP portraits of Golbez and Cecil.

are you supposed to be a doctor or something

might wanna fix your sword bro

are you going bald or something, seriously those are the weirdest fucking dimensions

hey man you- Wait, that looks about right.