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Part 115: Characters - Calca

Name: Calca
Job: Doll

Description: Calca is one of Luca's dolls that were originally brought to life by Golbez only for the party to beat the crap out of them. Luca then made improvements to make Calca and his cohort Brina more lifelike. Even as dolls, Calca and Brina still show loyalty to Luca.


Jive - Casts a random enemy skill, which may inflict damage and/or status effects.

Equipment: Knives
Best Stats: Stamina, Strength


Calca just sucks. With the right equipment, he can have some excellent stats and be effective in battle. The problem is that the same can be said about Brina, only her ability is actually useful.

As a doll, Calca's stats are very dependent on his equipment, which means certain outfits will shape his role. The problem is, that versatility doesn't help him much because his skill is too unreliable. Jive casts a random enemy skill, but there's a large range of skills to choose from, and many of them are useless, especially against bosses. You might even heal the boss with the wrong element.

Frankly, for any role Calca can fill, there are other characters that are just plain better. There are better fighters, better black mages, and better utility healers. All that stat versatility means shit when he has no actual versatility in his actions. Brina might be worth playing with, but Calca's just not worth it.