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by Mega64

Part 116: Characters - Cecil

Name: Cecil Harvey
Job: Paladin


While for most of the other characters I went back to FF4 to describe them, I'm not doing so with Cecil because, well, Final Fantasy IV is the story of Cecil as he fights for redemption and to save the world. Seriously, the character has an entire game built around him, so you'd figure he'd be an integral part of the sequel.

So yeah, Baron gets attacked by some Mysterious Girl, and suddenly Cecil is brainwashed, and absolutely nobody is willing to believe it because they've got their own heads so far up their asses. But yeah, Cecil's kind of a dick and steals the Crystals and tries to blow up Damcyan and shit. Then Kain the Holy Dragoon comes and stabs him repeatedly until he knocks the evil out of him. Then Cecil goes into some sort of stupor and ends up grunting like a maniac.

So the gang runs into Cecil's dark side because of course the dark version he conquered as a Paladin would end up taking a seventeen-year trip to the moon after defeat. So this time, Cecil's friends beat up his dark self for him, until the dark self dies and Cecil comes back to full form. So after 95% of the game is over, Cecil becomes a playable character and joins everybody else to fight who-the-hell-cares.


White Magic

Cover - Causes Cecil to take physical damage in place of a chosen ally. Cecil will automatically use Cover on allies with low HP.

White Magic:


Equipment: Daggers, Swords
Best Stats: Strength, Stamina


Cecil's still a solid fighter who will deal big damage and take big hits. His ability to Cover makes him a great defensive unit, and he gets access to the best weapons and armor in the game. While Esuna and Teleport are useful at times, Cecil should often stay the hell away from White Magic. His job is attacking and protecting others.

Cecil possesses a high Strength growth with great HP and Stamina as well. More importantly, his speed isn't horrible, so he's able to deal damage steadily and often. While there are plenty of other characters that can deal and take damage effectively, few get access to the powerful swords that Cecil can wield. Cover is situational, especially with Blink, but Cecil's ability to automatically cover critical HP allies can save your ass a time or two.

There's really not much else to say. Cecil's as solid an attacker as anyone else and has good an argument as anyone else to be in your end-game party.