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Part 117: Characters - Ceodore

Name: Ceodore Harvey
Job: Prince -> Red Wings


Ceodore Harvey is the son of Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell, and the Price of Baron. He begins the game undergoing the initiation to join the Red Wings, and though successful, a terrible attack kills the entire fleet, leaving Ceodore the sole member of the Red Wings.

He struggles to be known for his own abilities, rather than as the son of the famous King of Baron.


White Magic

Awaken - Recovers all HP and doubles all stats for three turns. At the end of the turn or at the end of battle, Ceodore is reduced to single-digit HP.

White Magic:

L1 Cure
L5 Libra
L12 Protect
L14 Raise
L15 Cura
L20 Esuna
L25 Float
L34 Shell
L40 Blink
L45 Reflect
L47 Haste
L49 Curaga

Equipment: Swords, Spears, Bows, Staves, Knives
Best Stats: Strength, Spirit


Ceodore's unique in that he's effective at both Attacking and White Magic. He has more utility and healing spells available than someone like Cecil, though not as much as Rosa. His advantage over other White Mages is his higher speed and his ability to take a hit.

Ceodore's also not that bad on an attack front, as he has access to a lot of weapon types and has solid strength. His ability, Awaken, is situational at best considering he loses most of his HP after it expires. If his HP is already low, then it doesn't hurt to have Ceodore deliver some strong hits and strengthened healing to the group.

Overall, Ceodore isn't the best fighter or the best white mage, but he works great as a combination of the two and ends up a strong team member in his own right.