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Part 121: Characters - Gekkou

Name: Gekkou
Job: Ninja


Gekkou is a member of the Eblan Four, and can be seen as their leader. His role is spying on the monks of Fabul, during which he discovers the Mysterious Girl. Using the seldom-seen ability of common sense, the honorable Gekkou flees the powerful foe to warn Edge of the coming danger. He rejoins Edge, sticking around to help his master kick some Mysterious Ass.



Shuriken: Allows Gekkou to throw throwing-based weapons, like the named Shurikens. This doesn't apply to regular weapons.


L10 Flame
L15 Flash
L24 Payback Wave
L42 Blast

Equipment: Katanas, Boomerangs, Knives, Axes, Hammers
Best Stats: Strength, Stamina


Gekkou is a tank, pure and simple. His Strength and Stamina are pretty high, only slightly below Yang's, and he actually has options besides Attacking. Shuriken is a limited Throw, true, but it's an attack that lets him bypass a bad moon phase and perhaps deal damage from the back row if so inclined. His Ninjutsu won't be impressive or anything, but Payback Wave can do decent damage if Gekkou has low enough HP.

Overall, Gekkou manages to actually be useful in battle, with enough options to actually give a reason to use him over other tanks. Even with low speed, his ninja equips can balance that, and his fire attacks and Shuriken ability lets him adapt as necessary. You could definitely do worse than Gekkou.