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Part 128: Characters - Palom

Name: Palom
Job: Black Mage


Palom resides in Mysidia with his twin sister, Porom, where they lived and trained under the Elder of Mysidia. Palom's specialty is black magic, which was a great boon when he and Porom joined Cecil to Mount Ordeals to make sure Cecil wasn't doing something fishy.

Palom has a big mouth and even bigger ego, which often earned the wrath of his sister. Still, he and Porom developed a loyalty to Cecil, following him to Baron. They aided with exposing the king's assistant as a monster, and helped take down the false king. In a moment of desperation, he and Porom sacrificed themselves to save the party, turning themselves to stone. The Elder was able to save them, and by the end they were with the rest of the former members supporting the main guys.

In The After Years, Palom has grown more distant from his sister, instead focusing on his training to become a Sage, much like his idol, Tellah. However, he hasn't actually been successful in learning White Magic, though his reputation as a Black Mage is unmatched.

The Elder sends him to Troia to train the Epopts, who usually study White Magic, for some mysterious reason. There, Palom is tasked with training Leonora, a woman aspiring to be an Epopt. The two proceed to have wacky adventures in the land of Troia.


Bluff - Boosts Palom's Intellect while reducing enemy stats.

Black Magic:

Starts With:


L19 Warp
L22 Toad
L25 Osmose
L29 Drain
L30 Bio
L32 Stop
L41 Blizzaga
L42 Firaga
L43 Thundaga
L45 Quake
L46 Death
L48 Tornado
L50 Flare
L55 Meteor

Equipment: Rods, Bows, Daggers
Best Stats: Intellect, Stamina


Palom is only good at one thing, but he is really, really good at that one thing. Unlike Rydia, Leonora, and another Black Magic user we'll meet later, Palom has no other abilities. Well, he has Bluff, but its sole purpose is to boost his magic damage.

However, just because Palom can't do anything but Black Magic doesn't make him useless. On the contrary, Palom is a beast with Black Magic. He learns Black Magic much faster than everyone else, too. He'll learn Meteor five levels before the next closest person, at a mere L55. His Intellect is also much much, higher than anyone else's in the game. And hitting an elemental weakness with his magic will destroy the enemies, not to mention gems like Bio, Quake, Flare, and Meteor. And Palom's huge MP pool ensures you'll be able to afford slinging spells at random encounters as well. However, all of Palom's other stats are horrible. He's a glass cannon with no real options other than pure nuking.

If you want someone whose sole mission is to deal huge amounts of damage to monsters, you can't go wrong with Palom.