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Part 129: Characters - Porom

Name: Porom
Job: White Mage

Description: Porom is an orphan raised alongside her twin brother Palom in the town of Mysidia. While her brother had talent for Black Magic, Porom practiced in the art of White Magic, becoming quite adept in her own right.

As children, they tagged along with Cecil, making sure he wouldn't pull any iffy stunts (because god knows the best way to stop a knight that invaded your town is throwing kids at him) before joining him on his quest and eventually sacrificing themselves to save Cecil, only to come back from death because Final Fantasy IV. Porom is a lot more reserved than her boastful brother, and usually kept Palom in check by punching him in the back of the head.

After the events of the game ends, Porom follows Palom around just because she has nothing better to do. As she got older, she developed brain rot, robbing her of any personality and shame she had as a child, turning her hair pink as a side-effect. As a result, she wanders around without any purpose dressed in a shower curtain. She does recruit Kain after the Lunar Whale randomly leaves, only for Kain to betray everyone again. Boy, who didn't see that one coming?


White Magic

Pray - Has a chance to cure the party for a decent amount of healing for no cost. The amount is comparable to Cura, but this doesn't always work.

White Magic:

Starts With:


L12 Protect
L15 Silence
L18 Berserk
L19 Teleport
L20 Esuna
L23 Blink
L25 Confuse
L29 Shell
L31 Dispel
L31 Mini
L33 Curaga
L38 Haste
L40 Float
L44 Reflect
L48 Curaja
L52 Holy
L56 Arise

Equipment: Staves, Bows
Best Stats: Spirit, Strength


Porom is a serviceable White Mage, and she does have the best Spirit in the game and learns Holy quicker than anyone else. That said, she doesn't have the versatility that other white mages like Rosa and Leonora have. Porom has no real offensive capabilities, and Pray isn't reliable enough to serve as great healing, though it's something for Porom to do if there's nothing else going on.

There really isn't much to say here. You're always going to need a white mage, and Porom's a damn fine one, but there's just not much for her to do when you don't need healing or to buff. As awesome as Slow, Haste, and Blink are, other charactesr can cast them, and those characters can attack for more than Porom could deal. That said, Porom's still far from horrible, and if you're a defensive player Porom works wonderfully. Just keep in mind that there are better options available if you're willing to sacrifice a little oomph in that healing.