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Part 130: Characters - Rosa

Name: Rosa Joanna Farrell
Job: White Mage


Rosa serves as a white mage for Baron. She's in a relationship with the captain of the Red Wings, Cecil Harvey, and is bonkers for him, going so far as to follow him to Mist and Kaipo. Of course, she gets Desert Fever and you have to save her, but then she joins up and helps out until Golbez kidnaps her. When you finally get her back, though, she sticks around for the rest of the game, where her stubbornness and compassion for Cecil has her remaining loyal to the team no matter how bad things get. After the world is saved, she marries Cecil and bears their son, Ceodore. The parents take one look at the baby and are quickly ashamed and humiliated.

At the start of this game, Rosa once again follows Cecil when Baron is under attack, though Cecil sends her away to safety before things get bad. Fleeing with Cid on the Enterprise, Rosa eventually takes sanctuary in Damcyan, only to be kidnapped again by Kain. Of course, the other Kain shows up to save the day, and after Kain kills Kain and becomes Kain once again, Rosa joins up with Kain and Kain's friend to save the world and kick Evil Cecil's ass.


White Magic

Blessing - Recovers a small amount of HP and MP. Has a chance of failing.

Aim - Ensures 100% accuracy at the cost of charge time. Only usable with a bow.

White Magic:

Starts with:


L33 Dispel
L36 Haste
L38 Float
L40 Reflect
L45 Curaja
L55 Arise
L60 Holy

Equipment: Bows, Staves
Best Stats: Spirit, Strength


Rosa doesn't have the versatility of Leonora, the strength of Ceodore, or the pure healing power of Porom, but she has all of each of these components, and she's pretty solid in all three.

Rosa is great for pure healing, only beat out slightly by Porom, yet she can do so much more. Blessing doesn't do as much healing as Pray, but it will recover a small amount of MP for everyone, which is great for a free Curaga and excellent for other mages in the party. Rosa can also be a competent attacker, as her decent strength can put a bit of oomph into her attacks. Plus Aim lets her bypass a bad moon and ensures a hit with arrows. If you don't need her power, give her a staff and boost her healing and let her inflict statuses like Confuse or Protect.

Rosa does a bit of everything, but she does everything well, better than the typical jack-of-all-trades character. She's a great choice for a white mage and brings some always-appreciated versatility to the role.