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Part 132: Characters - Tsukinowa

Name: Tsukinowa
Job: Ninja


Tsukinowa is a boy ninja that is part of the Eblan Four. His mission takes place in Mysidia, where he develops an interest in Porom while stalking every movement she made. Upon seeing the reactivation of the Tower of Babil, he returns to Mysidia and joins back up with Edge and the gang to save the world.



Steal: Chance to steal an item from an enemy. Will take minor damage if attempt fails.


L5 Gale
L5 Mirage
L9 Heal Pill
L21 Restore Weed
L33 Smoke
L42 Tremor

Equipment: Katanas, Boomerangs, Knives
Best Stats: Speed, Strength


If you ever wanted a second Edge, Tsukinowa is your guy. Granted, he's a bit gimped, as he doesn't have Throw, has less Ninjutsu techniques, and doesn't have the buffs Edge gets. However, he can dual-wield, he gets the ever-awesome Mirage and Smoke in addition to some restorative Ninjutsus, and he has Steal.

His biggest advantage is his Speed, which is the highest in the game. He will outpace even Edge and could potentially double some characters. The rest of his stats aren't impressive, but considering he can use Boomerangs, you have good reason to stick him in the back, where he'll still do decent damage.

Tsukinowa works well as a utility character. His speed means if you need fast healing, he'll almost always be ready with an X-Potion or Remedy. His attack is decent enough, and between being a back-row player and having access to Mirage, he can survive a few hits in a physical tussle. I wouldn't recommend him as a main-line fighter, especially with Edge outperforming him in every possible way in that aspect, but give him some good speed-boosting equipment, a long-ranged weapon, and something to boost item power, and you've got a reliable utility player for your party.