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Part 134: Characters - Yang

Name: Yang Fang Leiden
Job: Monk


Yang was one of the top monks of the nation of Fabul. When Cecil and company met him, he was fighting for his life against the forces of the Mom Bomb. His training squad slaughtered, Yang joined the party to attempt to save Fabul's crystal. When this failed, Yang was separated from the party due to an attack by Leviathan.

Yang washed up at Baron with amnesia, where he led a squad of Baron knights until Cecil knocked some sense into him. From there, Yang followed Cecil all the way to the Tower of Babil, where Yang sacrificed himself by blowing up the tower's weapons station in order to save the dwarves.

As is common in the FF4 universe, blowing yourself up is non-fatal, and the Sylphs found and saved him, nursing him back to health. Though unconscious when the party discovers him, he recovers due to the medical marvel of his wife's frying pan smashing into his skull. He develops a strong bond with the Sylphs, and eventually would join in on the attack on the Giant of Babil. At the end of FF4, Yang becomes the new king of Fabul.

In The After Years, Yang's renown both as a great king and an excellent master of martial arts. However, he struggles to keep his rebellious daughter Ursula in line, as her youth and desire for strength in the martial arts cloud her judgment and cause her to make rash decisions. Now, Yang must fight to save Fabul and the world from a new evil.


Focus - Stores energy for a couple of turns to unleash a stronger attack.

Kick - An attack that deals small amounts of damage to all enemies.

Cover Counter - Allows Yang to take all physical damage in place of one character. If he does so, he will counter attack the enemy with a physical attack. Unlike Cover though, he won't automatically protect someone with critical HP.

Equipment: Fists, Claws
Best Stats: Strength, Stamina


Yang is all about offense. His claws don't affect his attack value, but they do give some great side-effects, from elemental attacks that destroy enemies with weaknesses, to status effects that will cripple enemies that don't outright die from Yang's attacks.

Kick is great for clearing out weaker enemies but little else. Focus is a good way to get around enemies with nasty counter-attacks, but again little else. Cover Counter however is great in that it allows Yang to take the hits of a weaker character while still launching an offensive of his own. It plays to Yang's greatest strengths, his large HP reserves and his offense, and combined with a healer can be a great advantage in battle.

There's more variety with Yang than you'd expect, but most of the time you won't really need it simply because Yang will effortlessly kill most things that will threaten you. Still, for those times when Yang can't kill something, he can still contribute something to your party.