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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 15

Chapter 15

Welcome to the Agart Mine, the final dungeon in this chapter. It's rather straightforward, with a linear path and several small branches to treasure. You know, the usual.

Most of the enemies are the same as the Sealed Cave, except this time you don't have Calca and Brina. Plus most of the guys carried over are the ones hitting in triple-digit damage, so the Healing Rod isn't going to cut it. Hope you brought Hi-Potions!

Hope you also remembered to unequip those Dancing Daggers from the dolls. Otherwise you lose them!

At least Blaster didn't kill me outright.

There's these tree enemies. Their special move is burning to death to a well-aimed Fira.

I love overkill.

There's a random pot in the second floor that heals you. This makes this spot a good location to grind.

That is, if you don't mind running into horrible formations like this.

But hey, they're weak to thrown weapons, which our Tomahawk happens to fall under!

There's not much to say. All the enemies are repeats, pretty much.

Plate Armor's a nice upgrade, but doesn't have the strength boost Horned Armor does. Since physical attacks already barely phase Luca, I keep Horned on. Mythril Gloves are a much-need upgrade to her Iron ones, though.

What an odd room! Surely there's nothing important in here.

We'll be revisiting this room later. Joy.

On the bright side, Rydia learned Osmose, which means she shouldn't ever run out of magic. Not that that's been a problem, but at least it gives you an excuse to spam magic.

I'm going to spend a separate update explaining the significance of this, but suffice to say this is one of three components necessary to revive Calca and Brina. It's also the least of a pain to get, as it's simply in a pot.

Wonder what's in this chest?

Oh joy, a boss battle!

Meet the Agart Turtle. He has a gimmick.

He likes to charge up his fire self.

If left alone long enough, he'll attack with it. You'd think someone who lives next to magma would resist fire better.

Blizzara nullifies this, and hurts him hard to boot. After that, he'll toss off a weak physical attack before trying again.

The problem is that he just doesn't have the speed to pull this off, even without Slow. Every time he tries to charge with Fire, he gets hit with a Blizzara. Combined with axes to the face, and this guy goes down quickly. What a joke.

Anyway, we got Agartite. Wait, what?

I guess this is what we were looking for? Whatever, let's get out of here.

The Circlet is slightly weaker than what Rydia got at Agart, but it gives a 5-point Intellect boost, so it works.

Screw backtracking. Warp is cheap, and spamming it enough will get us out of here.

Let's take advantage of free healing while we're at it.

That was easy. Time to fix the airship and call it a chapter.

Let me help, too.

Ah, screen shaking. You just love to ruin my screenshots.

What is it?
The damage is a lot worse than I thought. I can't fix it with what I have at hand...
You're kidding me! If we can't get the Falcon back in shape, we'll be stuck here.

I mock the dialogue a lot, but I think that's a good line. It demonstrates that Luca knows what she has to do. aren't thinking about salvaging the parts from Calca and Brina's bodies, are you?
I don't have any other choice. That's the only way for me to get the Falcon off the ground.

Of course, right after that touching moment we have the screen shake yet again.

An earthquake!?
Why is the ground shaking?

It's Titan just being a dick and using his powers on nothing in particular.


It's me! Rydia!

Agart is in mortal danger!

Please! You've got to wake up!

Titan's under some spell and is currently shaking the everliving crap out of the Agart Isle. There's only one way to knock some sense into him.

Tossing an axe into his skull, of course!


The game shifts to the overworld and zooms to the hole.

You can tell just how mortified the women are. Shit is getting real.

It just encourages you to beat the shit out of Titan, just so he redirects his attack toward your party instead.

Luckily, it works.

This means, of course, you have to fight Titan. Luckily, it's not a difficult fight. Luca throws her axe, Rydia spams Blizzara, use Hi-Potions when necessary. Same stuff as usual.

Oh crap, an earthquake that's much stronger than the previous ones that happens to knock both heroines down to 1HP! I'm scared to think what will happen!


That's a pretty reasonable first question for someone who just shows up out of nowhere.

The tower!

Again, not good.

Huh, so Man in Black, aka mystery person #3, is familiar with past events.

Rydia's as tired of these mystery assholes as we are and tries to get a direct answer out of the guy.

Since this is The After Years, the game's going to string us along a few more chapters first.

There's a list of credits, about three or four minutes long, that pop up after each chapter. That's every single chapter. And they're unskippable. Joy.

And that concludes Rydia's Tale.

Next time, I'll attempt to brave Rydia's Challenge Dungeon. Hooray.