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Part 20

Ugh, thunderstorms. Fourteen hours without power. Fun. Oh well, I'm back with more updates!

Chapter 18

Welcome to the Impact Crater. It has a neat effect where there are puffs of smoke continuously popping up. Other than that, it's another easy dungeon in a chapter full of them. This may possibly be the easiest tale in the game.

It's also yet another dungeon that uses "Into the Darkness." I mean, it's the dungeon music and all, but how about a little variety for these new dungeons?

It's as if the land itself has rotted!
If only that were all we had to worry about...

This is not just any normal shooting star.

Seriously, what you define as a normal shooting star? Especially considering Yang freaked out about it earlier.

Yes, Father!

Ahahahahaha, no it's not. The Gators are the biggest threat here. The rest is stuff you'd see in the Baron Waterways or the cave to Damcyan. Mostly water-based enemies. And Yang and Ursula are holding Lightning Claws. Even Ass can kill half the foes here in one hit.

That's what happens when you have an all-monk party. They make the game way too easy because they're just that damn good.

This dungeon's gimmick is to have patches that let you jump to places.

Like so. It's so inconsequential that it's not even annoying. Then again, I got very lucky and didn't get a single random battle once on this screen.

The treasure here is rather crappy. Metal Knuckles add a point to strength, but I'd still rather have the ability to hit elemental weaknesses. Still, it gives Ass a reason to punch twice.

Overall, the dungeon is short, the monsters easy, and the treasure boring. Filler.

Although these are neat.

Oh wow, a monster Yang doesn't OHKO!

Gotta love it when you cause monsters to kill themselves.

Oh, no...

At the bottom of the crater is a tombstone for some Fabul monks. OK?

These must be the high monks who left to train on Mount Hobs!
Rest in peace...

It's the Sylphs! The Sylphs totally have a monster crush on Yang and his massive mustache.


Wait! Of what do you speak!?

The Sylphs disappear before they can answer.

Square-Enix greenlit a sequel, and now we all must suffer the consequences.

Yes, Father!

Remember how the Gator enemies attack twice? That plus a Back Attack means they got six hits on my weakened party.

And yet this is the closest I've come to death so far. Nothing Chakra and punching some alligators in the face can't cure.

Anyway, to the left of the Tombstone is this jump that brings us back to the overworld. And no, it won't let us pass to visit Damcyan.

Yes, we have to backtrack through Mount Hobs. Joy.

Enemies? Still fodder.

Right at this point, Ursula notices something.

What is it?

Look at that.
It's a, an airship!


Still, not a good omen.

We must hurry!
Yes, Father!

That's the third damn time she's said that. And just when I thought Ursula wouldn't become yet another idiot gawking the same fucking thing over and over...

We haul our asses to Fabul. Luckily, nothing has happened yet.

Your Highness! You have returned!

The rumors about Baron were true all along, it would seem.

The Wind Crystal symbolizes everything Fabul stands for! Handing it over to them is the same as abandoning what this kingdom stands for!
But Ursula, if we were to fall into a prolonged battle, I fear there would be untold bloodshed.
But still...!

I wonder why more games don't have actual debates on the potential consequences of their actions. Both sides make sense.

Until we know the truth behind it, the Crystal must not be surrendered.
You want us to fight back, then?

People, this is Yang's plan:

That's correct. Yang's plan is to talk to the warring people arriving straight for the castle in attack airships.

I don't know if it's brilliant for thinking to talk things out first before launching an offensive or idiotic for, you know, trying to talk to people launching an offensive on you.

You will not.
Why not!?

Your mother needs you...and so do our people.

Yang actually wins this one for once.

Next time... Well, I'm pretty sure you already know exactly what's going to happen.