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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 23

Chapter 21

This is the final dungeon of this Tale. It's pretty maze-like, though the first half is pretty linear.

Even with the moon lowering attack, these enemies are still no issue. Ursula's got her party of monks still, and they're starting to become a nuisance due to them stealing EXP from Ursula when she could just as easily solo these guys.

A Lamia counter-attacked a couple of times with silence-inflicting Slaps. And to think I didn't buy any Echo Herbs for them. Rats.

Chakra's a special ability, so Silence doesn't affect it. Chakra also doesn't heal Silence, I found out. Oh, darn.


What is it?
Oh, nothing.

I'm fine. I'm not sick or anything.

Next we control Yang by himself. He's next to a healing pot, which is convenient.

The enemies are a snap for Yang, and since he's solo he's got a lot of EXP to gain. This combination makes this area a pretty nice place to grind.

There's a lot of branching paths, as always. Some lead to items, and some lead to armor upgrades.

Master Yang?
Master Yang!
Mmm? What?
Surely you could excuse yourself from training today, of all days.
Don't be ridiculous. Training is an ongoing, neverending process.

She'll be giving birth any moment now. Go now, and be by her side.

Master Yang!
Go on! Hurry!

We're back with Ursula now, not that you can tell here. There's a long path around, but there's a short cut buried here. Of course, you miss out on treasure if you ignore the top path, but I don't think there's much important up there.

There's a hidden path right below this area that goes nowhere. You have to approach from above to reach this small patch of grass, which only holds a Haste-inflicting item. What a waste of time.

Oooh! Nice work, Ursula!

Oh, of course, of course.

Back to Yang again. More paths, more treasure, more flashbacks.

When are you going to start giving Ursula her formal training?

Understands what for herself?
Kindness. Nobility.
She's already a very well-refined young lady, dear.

This last part is a giant maze.

There are several exits in each screen. The goal is to work your way south.

Of course, there's some neat treasure along the way. Hell Claws can inflict poison.

At this point, the moon changed to Waning. Attack up, Skills down. Not as useful as I was hoping.

After going around in circles once or twice, I finally find the right path. It's not terribly annoying, at least.

Also found this save point.

I really want to get a New Moon here to boost special abilities. I guess diminishing attack would also work, but too late now.

Next time, we get some fuel to make our sails work. There may or may not be more flashbacks.