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Part 36: Bands - Edge's Tale

Bands - Edge's Tale

Upon restarting, for some reason we start at Eblan Cave instead of right outside Eblan. Alright, then.

So today I'm going to show you some bands. Since there's a total of eight bands, I figured I'd split this into its own mini-update.

First up is Blazing Moon Ring, utilizing Edge's Ninjutsu and Gekkou's Shuriken.

Not bad, though keep in mind it's hitting a weakness. Its strength depends on Gekkou's Shuriken ability.

Up next is the Frozen Moon Dance, which requires Edge and Izayoi both using Ninjutsu.

Its damage depends on the strength of both's Ninjutsu.

Edge's Ninjutsu and Zangetsu's Human Kite combine for Gale Twin Break.

Unlike the other two, this one hits all enemies. Relies on both abilities to do damage.

The final Edge/Partner band is Wild Moon. This one only requires both Edge and Tsukinowa to Attack.

Another all-enemy attack that relies on the characters' attack strength.

That's half the Bands. Let's check out the bands the partners have with each other!

Tsukinowa and Zangetsu can combine their Ninjutsu to use Gale Rush.

Not too flashy, but it does cast Haste on everybody, which is always nice.

The other two partners can access Phantom Lightflies using Izayoi's Illusions and Gekkou's Ninjutsu.

It heals damage and certain status effects. The healing may look pathetic, but it increases as both Gekkou's and Izayoi's HP decreases. That's right, it's the opposite of FF staple White Wind, in that you'll want to use it when you actually need it.

If the four disciples all use their Ninjutsu together, they'll activate the Wheel of Elements.

Damage relies on all of their Ninjutsu. Since they're all pathetic without Edge, they do pathetic damage for a four-person Band.

So naturally, let's throw Edge into the mix!

This one of several full-party Bands in the game. These larger bands have the potential to break the damage limit.

So if we use everybody's special abilities (Smash & Grab/Shuriken/Human Kite/Illusions/Steal), then we activate this band.

A band that has its own cutscene has to be badass.

Pretty damn awesome.

...That was underwhelming for all the fanfare, though.

This band's gimmick is that it does damage approximate to Party's Max HP - Party's Current HP. Since my party's all close to max, the damage was a bit shoddy.

So how's the damage when the party's close to death?

Let's find out!

Now that's more like it.

Next time, the fun that is Edge's Challenge Dungeon.