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Part 41: Porom's Challenge Dungeon

Porom's Challenge Dungeon

Another Tale finished, another stupid Challenge Dungeon to do. Let's get it over with.

This challenge dungeon takes place during the attack on Mysidia. So you pretty much let everyone else die so you can have a chance at some loot. Joy.

This time, the entire gang will be here. Kain is a godsend since he can do some great damage, and the Black Mage can be useful for Stop. White Mage seems unnecessary, but due to one of the dungeon's gimmicks can be pretty useful. Plus, both White Mages have Psycho Swirls, so that's double the confusion. Joy!

Namingway's chilling at the bar. Let's go.

If you remember Rosa's special dungeon thing from the bonus dungeon in FF4A, this is kind of similar. There are four different ways to help, depending on who you talk to.

First, you're teleported to a random part of the map. The map itself is always the same, but the starting point, treasures, and people are randomized.

We start off right next to one of the two unique treasures for the main map, the Killer Bow. I stick it on Black Mage, as with it and the Blinding Arrows he's actually a decent attacker.

Of course, I proceed to get my face kicked in almost immediately.

The first type of person to help are Black Mages. They're always being attacked by one of three monsters, which you must kill.

The Evil Dreamer is a pretty tough foe. Sleep is a bitch, and he can hit hard. He is suspectible to Stop, though, so if Black Mage can survive long enough the guy's not a threat.

The townsperson will ask you for items. Five of a consumable, or just one of a rarer item. I didn't come prepared at all, as I don't even have five Phoenix Downs.

You only have fifteen minutes to get all this done, so running into these time-consuming bats doesn't help matters.

The white mages will ask you to find three spirits to pray away.

They look like flames, and you need to find all three to succeed.

The final person type is the old man, who asks Porom to cast a spell on him. In this case, we use Esuna on him.

Of course, this guy turns out to have cancer or something, as we have to cast it on him seven fucking times, burning 140MP. Fuck you, old man.

I'm already down to 58MP. Shit.

If you get desperate, you can always cast Teleport to escape.

Steel Golem is another enemy the Black Mages may fight. The third is a Chimera, I believe, which I didn't run into. Anyway, this guy's a joke, especially with Confuse.

Hey, I'll get to keep it this time!

This guy wants my armor. Fuck you, you're not getting my fucking armor.

Sorceress casts Haste on herself when confused. At least she's not wrecking my ass.

If you run out of time, you're instantly teleported out of the dungeon. There's a specific room you need to go to to get the treasure. I was fucking around and semi-grinding anyway, so I wasn't focused on getting the treasure.

This time, I'm focused.

Doing a treasure run this time!

Confusing Coeurls is the greatest thing ever. The thing killed both its allies before paralyzing itself.

Saved this guy from a Steel Golem.

Gonna save some spirits.

Cured an old man (only one or two castings, too!).

White Mage's request is complete. That makes three.

Healed another old man, again in one attempt. Four.

Five people aided.

Six with more Esunas.

What the hell, I'm on a roll. Seven total.

Make sure you go to the top left corner with time to spare.

I didn't expect an enemy here, so at one minute left I was a bit panicked.

Fortunately, Kain came through and killed the guy with ease.

Even had Porom learn Confuse! Not that she needs it, but hey.

Made it with seconds to spare! Surely all that hard work will pay off and

I'd be pissed if I didn't expect precisely this to happen. This game has broken my spirit too much already for me to care anymore.