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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 43

Chapter 36

How odd, my last recorded video has screwed up audio, so I'll have to guess the musical cues for the next two updates by ear. Not a big deal, though.

Right, so we're starting off at the Impact Crater, our first official dungeon for this tale.

I hope nothing's happened to Harley.

If you're worried about healing, this pot right here is pretty much the only way to recover outside Bardsong.

Yeah, there's items, but you can't actually buy any yet, so once you run out, you're screwed. It's a good reason not to use Salve right now.

Anyway, at this point Edward gained an attack multiplier, so now he can hang with his guards for damage. That plus confusing enemies half the time makes attacking with Edward more helpful than using Bardsong.

This formation is nice, as confusing both makes your life easier. Gargoyles use Tornado, which send their HP to single digits, and Cockatrice uses Beak, which is essentially Break and instantly kills the targeted enemy. It's the same way Izayoi was able to survive her little segment.

Some enemies have weird attack patterns when confused, though. This sandworm did nothing at all.

There's actually some upgrades scattered for your guards here. They're essentially the most important generics you use.

A couple of guards are scattered around the area.

Oh, thank goodness! Are you all right?
Yes, sir! I apologize for worrying you. Our investigation has encountered numerous snags.
Where is Harley?
Straight ahead, my lord.

Then I go to the next screen, fight the same old enemies, and find the next guy.

I was getting a tad antsy, sitting around waiting for you.
It is too dangerous for you to be here, sir!
Oh, I'm quite all right. If you can survive this, I certainly can. Is Harley up ahead?


Yes, my lord. She ignored our pleas and proceeded further.

Also changed to a Waxing Moon during this point, which doesn't affect us for now.

At the third screen, we finally run into Harley.

It is as if the earth itself has putrefied. Could this have come from the moon?

We still have to circle around to talk to her.

Full Moon lowers attack. Since we're already hitting for horrible damage, this makes things much more annoying.

So I inflicted Silence on a Gargoyle, then Confused it. Since it can't cast Tornado, it instead attacks me. Alright, then.

Edward actually jumps backwards in style when hiding. Of course, he has no business hiding since he's more effective than his guards.

I told you coming here would be dangerous.

How did Harley solo that last screen, anyway? There's no way she can handle those enemies.

I deeply apologize for worrying you, my lord...but this is no ordinary meteor we are dealing with.
It certainly seems that way.
Something beyond all that we've come to know has fallen here. That is the only conclusion I can make.

But why did you come here, Your Highness?
I just wanted to see the crash site with my own eyes.

I... My lord...
The messenger from Baron should be back by now. We should return to the castle to greet him.
Yes, Your Highness.

I thought you guys sent a messenger to Baron and expect him to return, not expecting one from Baron to visit you guys.

Harley's now in our crew.

She comes with this neat little toy. So instead of healing 100HP, Potions from Harley would heal 200HP. Combine this thing with Edward's Salve and a ton of Gil, and you've got some rather potent healing.

Harley's first ability is Piercing Sight, which works as both Dispel, i.e. removing enemy buffs, and adds an elemental weakness to an enemy, albeit one you need to cast Libra to find. It may also fail. Not really that great an ability.

Harley's other ability is Gil Toss, where she throws Gil to attack enemies. The amount she throws is 30 * Harley's Level * Number of enemies. So a L5 Harley threw 150 Gil to deal a whopping 44 damage. Granted, I switched to a Waxing Moon, which boosts attack but lowers special abilities, but still underwhelming for the cost.

Harley sucks.


Oh look, an airship! I certainly hope they're not going to blow up Damcyan or anything!

Perhaps they are bringing back our messenger.
I can only hope so.
We must hurry. The sight of the airship discomforts me.

Understandable. Back to Damcyan we go!

You know what I forgot to do earlier? Loot the little side treasure room!

A few consumables, a Silver Ring, and a nice upgrade for one of my guards. Wish I had this one earlier!

All the guards say this in order to railroad you to advance the plot.

I noticed, Chancellor.


So we go to the throne room for official royalty business.

He requested a tour of the castle while he was awaiting your return, my lord.
A tour?
Yes, my lord.

Has he been to the Crystal Chamber?
Not yet, my lord.

You have to give Edward some credit. Unlike everyone else's blind trust in Cecil, Edward immediately begins to suspect that something fishy is going on.

Now we talk to the Baron messenger. Wait, what happened to the Damcyan messenger?

I come here with a message from the kingdom of Baron.
There is no need for such ceremony, my friend. I trust King Cecil is faring well?
Yes, Your Majesty.
And what of Queen Rosa? Ceodore must be a grown man by now, come to think of it.

Oh yeah, Ceodore's apparently still alive. Guess we still have to deal with more of his bullshit soon. Joy.

Kind of a dick thing to say to the king of another country. Granted, one with no real military power, but still, guy needs to work on his international relations a bit.

My pardons. Then let us turn to the matter of King Cecil's message.

Why is that?
I was not provided with any further information.
...I see.
The message is delivered. I shall be on my way.

Wow, that's it? How unceremonious.

Yes, Your Highness?
In circumstances like these, King Cecil would have personally paid a visit... That is the king of person he is--and always has been.
I will be sure to pass that message along to His Highness.

Seriously, you suck at your job.

I trust that Cecil has due motivation for this decision.
But, my lord... mean to go see him personally!?

God dammit, Damcyan Chancellor, you're the worst fucking character in a game full of bad fucking characters.

No. I do not want to involve the military with such haste.
But, my lord! I cannot in good conscience allow you to travel to Baron completely unescorted!
Very well. I will leave the specifics up to you.

That was some deft and shrewd planning there, Chancellor, with the foresight to choose the first three people you see to be Edward's escort.

Time to dick around the castle a bit.

Oh. My apologies.

Don't know what Harley's so embarrassed about. Maybe the fact that her writing is as juicy as the desert the castle's in?


No shit? I could understand talking about how beautiful their kid would be or whatever, but she's essentially saying, "You know, if Anna was still alive, I'm sure you would've knocked her up by now."

Poor Edge. He's the only king to not get any.

To further cement her uselessness, Harley's weapon of choice is the whip, which are themselves weak weapons whose only use is to randomly paralyze. Unfortunately, while all other whip-users have better options to deal damage, Harley's so weak and pathetic that all she can really do is attack. With whips.

It's amazing just how useless Harley is in battle. They made her solely to make Edward look like a badass in comparison.

I'm sure this won't come up again in any significant way.

Damcyan sure is pretty, though.

No, my lord. I am going with you.
I am afraid I cannot permit that.
I am your secretary, my lord. If you are going to have a summit with the king of Baron, it is my duty to be present.


I am certain that I will prove useful, Your Highness.


She doesn't. At absolutely no point will she have any use whatsoever in this Tale, both battle and story-wise. Sorry to ruin such a shocking plot twist and all.

Edward still brings her anyway because, hey, it's another body for enemies to hit instead of him.

Yeah, I'm sure you won't become a burden at all.

How thoughtful of you, Edward.

Next time, we go through the Underwater Cavern backwards, and run into all kinds of inane bullshit. Be glad you're not the one playing this game.