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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 49

Chapter 41

So while Kain's off dicking over Yang and Edward so he can dick over Cecil, our old friends Ceodore and Hooded Man are chilling over in Mist.

I heard that the path ahead is blocked after the mountain caved in.
You heard that over in Baron?
Y-yes, but...

W-wait a minute!

Our objective is to move east. You know, past a mountain barrier.

All that equipment we stripped from Kain comes in handy. Both guys get decked out in Mythril Gear, and Ceodore makes good use of Kain's spear.

That's right, Ceodore can use spears.

Hahaha, what a dick.

Though to be fair, meddling outsiders was what nuked the town in the first place.

Namingway will sell you items. The enemies only get more brutal from this point, so be sure to stock up on Hi-Potions.

The Blood Sword is hidden in Rydia's place. Too bad it's weaker than our current weaponry.

You can also visit the grave of Rydia's mother, the woman who was linked to the Mist Dragon and controls the powers of mist. Somehow, Hooded Man is familiar with this woman.

You've almost forgotten Ceodore's beloved catchphrase, haven't you?

This is our objective. Mountains may hinder regular parties, but Hooded Man and Ceodore aren't having any of that. We're scaling this thing whether we're supposed to or not.

Are we really going to climb this thing?
It's the only way to escape from those pursuing us.
B-but, that's ridiculous! There isn't even a path for us to take.

This dungeon's pretty linear. The first half is just scaling up.

The enemies here hit hard, but your team hits harder. You're going to want a lot of Hi-Potions, as Ceodore's healing won't cut it.

There's a bit of trickery in getting to chests, but nothing that a bit of trial and error can't handle.

This beauty is pretty damn awesome. It's the same strength as Ceodore's Wind Spear, but it can inflict Sleep. Physical attacks won't waken sleeping enemies in this game, which makes it awesome for the bulkier random encounters.

So we're at the top. The second half is, of course, going down.

Of course, Ceodore can't process climbing down a cliff, so he opts to let gravity do the thinking for him.

Hang on!

So for the next little bit, Hooded Man solos. It's not really noteworthy.

No, I'm okay. Sorry about that...
There's no need for apology. Just be more careful next time.
Yes, sir!

Well, that certainly added a lot.

This is a nice find, though. Cold resistance is always nice.

Medusas love to spam Stone Touch. Gradual Petrify shouldn't be that deadly, but you might want to carry a few Gold Needles in case of bad luck.

Sweet. Now if only we had a bow user. Well, Ceodore can use bows, but there's no point when he could be wielding a spear instead.

So we made it to the bottom of the mountain. That wasn't that bad.

Looks like we're through.
I can't believe we made it down the side of that cliff in one piece.

Are you kidding me? I never could've done it without you.
Don't underestimate yourself. I only provided you with the opportunity. You're the one who saw it through to the end.
Yeah... You're right!

Our gruesome twosome spy the Red Wings, flying in from Fabul's direction before moving north.

Kain's up front, continuously getting off at the thought of killing Cecil. I'm pretty sure he'll be laughing maniacally by the end of this tale.

The Red Wings are the most elite airship fleet in the skies! The ones manning the airship up there right now are no Red Wings! They're just mindless drones!
True enough.

Whoa, Ceodore showing situational awareness? Maybe he landed on his head during that fall.

No...they are heading in another direction.

Wait... You don't think they'll attack Damcyan, do you?
There's no time to lose. Let's head northeast to Kaipo first.
Got it!

There's no time to lose, yet we're taking a pitshop at Kaipo instead of rushing to Damcyan ASAP.

Let's end the update with a flashback.

Kain's still stripped naked in this fight, so Evil Kain's kicking his ass hard.

That ended well. Makes me wonder where the other Kain is.

At least we know that the good Kain is now safe and sound, proceeding to nuke the shit out of Damcyan before he murders Cecil.

Next time, the further exploits of Ceodore, the Hooded Man, and Kain.