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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 51

Chapter 43

We're closing this thing out today. Getting close to the end game! This update is more image-intensive than usual, but I feel it works better with images.

First, we need to go to Damcyan and check on Edward. The place is still deserted, and Kain looted the treasure, so let's skip ahead.

Mother...where's Mother!?
I'm sorry, Ceodore.
Ah, it's not your fault. I should've stayed with her...
What happened to her!?
She's been taken away, Ceodore. Kain took her.

We'll talk later! To the Enterprise! Now!

So begins what I find to be one of the cooler parts of the game.

Kain's so fucking giddy at this point, he can't help but laugh maniacally.

I've reserved a front-row seat for you, Rosa... To witness the death of Cecil right before your eyes!

I'm pretty sure by the end of this update, Rosa will say, "Kain!" more times than Ceodore's said, "Huh?" in both tales.

I've heard so many stories about Kain and his brave deeds, and this is who he turns out to be.

What, did nobody tell you about the dozens of times he betrayed everyone?

Don't worry, Ceodore. I doubt he'd ever lay a hand on Rosa.

That's a great way to make him feel better, Edward. "Oh, your mother's going to be fine. Your dad's completely fucked, though, so don't be surprised if you see his head on a spear."



We regain control of Kain. If we stray from Baron...

Wow. Kain's really enjoying this.

I've got the Crystals...and I've got Rosa, too!

This part is pretty awesome, as you've got a nice chase scene set to the boss music.

Cid's joined us now, where he'll be involved for all of one battle. Edward's technically with us, too, though he won't be involved in any battle shenanigans. Guess he learned his lesson from Kain beating the shit out of him.

These guys, again? Notice that Hooded Man and Ceodore are at their turns at the same point that Cid's halfway ready. Cid's speed is that horrible.

Sorry for the screenshot overload, but this part is worth it.

Wait, what?

So...who are you?
I am Kain. The real Kain.

That's right.

Wait, wait, wait. You mean the Hooded Man this entire time was KAIN!?

Seriously, who saw this coming? Well, besides half the thread. Still, as obvious as it was, I kind of like the execution here, even if I'm not a big fan of the "Evil Side going on a rampage" thing going on here.

So we've got a rematch of the Kains. Right now, it's pretty evenly matched, but it doesn't matter because it's a plot battle.

You wanted Cecil you could have Rosa for yourself!

Stand back, Rosa!

(Listen to this)

That's right. For the first time this game, we're busting out The Dreadful Fight. The game's not bullshitting us anymore. The Hooded Man is now Kain, while the other guy becomes Kain?.

Since Kain's not hiding anything anymore, he's using his patented jump, as well as wielding spears. That Dragoon Lance that comes out of nowhere is awesome, easily trumping all other weapons you have as well as boosting all his stats.

This is also the only time you can let Kain equip the Kingsword. Don't bother, as it's still much weaker than most of your stuff.

This is a legit fight this time, so feel free to use Spider Silk to make things easier.

Not that you'll need it.

I am ready to accept you now.

Time for a flashback!

I've been held back all this time by the past. I thought those days had to be buried for good... But things don't work that way.

And all the hatred...!
I'm not here to deny your right to exist.


You're a part of me, too.

What the...

Play the "Cecil became a Paladin" sound effect in your head, because, ladies and gentlemen, Kain is now a Paladin!

Yes, I am here before you once again!

So now we've got the new and improved Kain in our party. Rosa and Cid are also joining us and will stick around for the challenge dungeon.

As a dragoon, Kain still has his patented jump, but he's part Paladin now. He doesn't Cover, but like Cecil, he can use a few White Magic spells.

Unlike Cecil, his White Magic is pretty useful, as Haste and Blink are easily the two best buffs available. Even Rosa doesn't have access to Haste. Rosa does have Curaga, though, which is useful as hell.

Alright, it's time for the climatic battle.

Welcome back.

HAHAHA Not today!

Alright, so Kain's Tale. I'm neutral on Evil Kain wrecking havoc while Good Kain wanders around in disguise. The "I'm still in love with Rosa" thing is definitely played out by now and kind of weakens things. Still, I really like that last segment, from the chase all the way to Kain become a Paladin. It's flawed, but still enjoyable.

After I show off some bands and the Challenge Dungeon, we have just one more character tale to go! It will definitely be a change of pace, as we'll be going to a completely different locale and catch up with a certain villain.

That's right, the next tale will involve Dr. Lugae exploring the Tower of Zot!