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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 54

Chapter 44

We've finished every last character tale now. Time for the end game!

Hey Fusoya, where did you come from?

That's right, we've got one last tale to do first, and for this one, we're going all the way to the moon.

So do I.
Do you think he is safe?
I wouldn't be concerned. He has Biggs and Wedge with him.
But still...
Listen, Rosa. You need not worry for Ceodore. I know he understands.
Understands what?

Sir Corio! You have to see this!

Th-the moon, sir!

Pretty brief intro, but here we are at the moon, where Fusoya and Golbez sleep. You know, it's amazing how little a role Golbez has had in the game so far.

Time to change that!

So yeah, a dream about Cecil beating the shit out of Golbez.

Just a dream?

Oh hey, remember that Man in Black? That was Golbez. The game doesn't even bother giving any fanfare for that revelation. So right now, Golbez is chilling with Rydia, Luca, and Edge, albeit incognito.

People in the thread were asking how a Black Magic Fighter would work. Better than you'd think. Golbez also has a couple of other abilities, Pressure acting like Hold/Stop and Taunt drawing attacks toward him. Taunt won't be very useful this Tale.

I swiped the Ebony Blade from his dream fight with Cecil. Don't ask me how that works. It's weaker, but it boosts his Intellect, and for the first two thirds of this run I use Golbez primarily as a Black Mage.

Golbez is all about attack power, which is fine since all black status spells not named Stop suck anyway. Bio and the -aga spells are all Golbez needs.

Anyway, Fusoya is missing, so it's time to go find him.

Holigram Namingway will sell you items. The moon sure is weird.

If you ever wondered what was in the room beyond the place you fought Zeromus, there you go. It's a giant slumber party.

Anyway, some weird stuff is going on in here. Luckily, there's no random battles, so you're free to explore at your leisure. Plus there's several recovery locations for free healing anyway.

Nothing interesting so far...

There's no random battles, but there are scripted battles!

Just be careful about Golbez taking too much damage, since items are a bit limited. But then, you can always backtrack to the last healing spot anyway.

After this battle, the final dungeon music kicks in, which mean shit gets real.

We get lucky and nab a free Flame Sword, which is an upgrade over Golbez's Ancient Blade even. Not that it matters, since I skip physical attacks anyway.


(It's growing stronger!)

Well, that was different.

A couple more scripted battles. This place is not so bad when you have five battles and are railroaded from straying from the linear path.

The Crystals! They're the color of blood.

Well, this is certainly odd.

Who's ready for nonsense?

They were created... The Crystals...alone...
The wait has been endless...the great secret, sequestered.
The rightful possessor...
They are infinite... The rightful ones, floating in the void...
Its history has been recorded... It must be revealed...
The the end of the winding path...
It has come...the object of our search...

Well, that was certainly informative. Let's get the hell out of here.

Oh, there you are, Fusoya.

Fusoya. You were aware of this?

What could have happened to our moon while we were in stasis?

Rather than hazard a guess, Fusoya just joins your party instead.

Fusoya hasn't changed much. He still knows all magic, and he still only has a measly 190MP that never goes up. Bless recovers a minimal amount of HP and MP over a few turns. Decent for free healing, but definitely not worth it for MP, as it only heals 1% of your MP rounded down. So Fusoya only gains 1MP every time it activates, hilariously enough.

Next time, we go chill with our Moon Bro Bahamut.