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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 57

Chapter 47

So Golbez somehow knows that the last crystal shattered. I guess because the place starts shaking violently.

What's going on!?
There's no doubt about it! The Crystals are gone... There's nothing left to hold him back any longer!

Guess who the final boss of this tale is.

So yeah, we're fighting Zermous again. Why not?

This is the only time this song plays in the game, so I suggest you listen to it:

Well, it's not Zeromus we're fighting, but his malice. Remember that Zermous is nothing more than the hatred of Zemus, so we're fighting the malice of the hatred of Zemus.

Unfortuantely, they skimped on the special effects this battle, as the background doesn't move or change any.

Zeromus's Malice is pretty much a weaker version of Zeromus, casting spells like Bio and -agas.

He can also do Osmose, which can be annoying.

The Double Black Magic band is pretty effective on ZM, though I only used it every other turn so Fusoya can keep the party healed.

Really, ZM isn't that tough. Just alternate between the band and having Fusoya heal.

Big Bang isn't nearly as awesome looking this time, sadly. Also, we're knocked down to 1HP, which means event time!

This is the rage of the malice of the hatred of Zemus.

To the Blue Planet!

You can hear Big Bang going off in the background. As for Fusoya, we never find out what happened. This is the last we see of Fusoya (other than post-tale content).

The Big Whale comes to the moon and rescues Golbez.

Now, you may be worried that the game's been getting a bit too good. They actually revealed a bit of plot, they had some decent characterization, and it's actually been kinda fun. Also, we haven't really reused scenes from the original.

It's time to change that!

We have six, yes, six flashbacks to go through!

Come, let us go.

Is this all right--letting him go?
You're brothers!

Farewell... My brother.
Thank you.

Why? Why was I so consumed by hate?
You've regained your senses, then. Do you remember your father's name?

So we're pretty much going backwards here. So the next big scene is...

Golbez kicking ass in the underground.

Rosa actually does something this time. Granted, she casts an all-target spell on just Cecil, which is just wasteful.

A pity.

Your eyes should still be free. Open them, and gaze upon true terror! Come forth, creature of shadow!

An Eidolon... A shadow dragon, destroyed by mere mist?

Now it's time for Tellah to kill himself!

Feeble old man! You are nothing before me!

No, Tellah! You mustn't!
You'll be the one it destroys!
So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!


Don't worry, guys. Just two more to go.

We go all the way back to the first time we encounter Golbez. Sorry, still no explanation for him sparing Cecil and company.

You're him---the usurper!
So, you are Cecil. Allow me to give you something--a gift, to remember our meeting by.
Let me through!

Kain! Enough of this foolishness. Bring me the Crystal.
My lord.

Rosa, let it be!
Oh, you care for this one, do you? Then let me take her along as hold in trust until we are graced with the chance to meet again.

This is the last flashback, I promise.

This is the scene that was added to the DS version, though I've heard about this scene long before, so I assumed it was cut from the original version. It's actually a bit creepy, watching an innocent boy being corrupted and turned to his own inner darkness against his will.

Aside from transcribing everything, I do enjoy these little glimpses into important moments of Golbez's life. From his farewell to Cecil, to him regaining his senses, his battles against Rydia and Tellah, the first time he met Cecil, and even when he was first being turned to the dark side. He's still dealing with the evils of the past, and even though he was being brainwashed, he still has to live with all the lives he ended. Cecil, Kain, and Golbez have all done horrible acts, and all try to achieve their own redemption, but they still must live with what they've done.

So we're back on the Lunar Whale. It's mostly the same, though someone built a lower floor in the past seventeen years. Nothing interesting there, though.

The moon is about to crash into the Blue Planet. We're literally going into Majora's Mask territory now.

You may think that's a joke, but it's not. The rest of the game involves the moon speeding to crash into the planet.

So that's the Lunarians Tale. A nice change of pace from the rest, considering we actually learn something new, we actually defeat the Mysterious Girl, twice, and that Golbez hasn't been completely butchered as a character.

Next time, as usual, we're doing a Challenge Dungeon.