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Part 60: Loose Ends - The King's Bounty Pub

Loose Ends - The King's Bounty Pub

Before we get to the main event, let's get ready for the end game.

The final tales imports the data from all preceding tales, including levels and items. So theoretically, all that grinding I did in those challenge dungeons had a point. That said, you don't actually need to do any of that to beat the game, as you'll quickly catch up in experience and the stuff you find later outclasses a lot of the CD equipment anyway.

But it's a good idea to strip at least the people not following you to the end. Fusoya has some good equipment to steal, and Porom's Tale version of Kain may be worth stripping down as well. The generics, well, you might as well, except for Yang's which is too much of a hassle, as you have to take the ship and run out of sail fuel again.

I just end up stripping everyone to make my life a bit easier.

I decide to make one last meaningless trip to Edward's CD.

You can't bring the gil you make in the dungeon outside the dungeon, but you can bring with you any items you buy. I'd be making 30k, but I probably won't even bother selling the Remedies back just because money is no problem in the end game.

So I have no idea why I spent 30 minutes doing that.

So I was going to show off all of the King's Bounty Pub, but I could never get the Mountain area to spawn, and that's the only place worth farming for gold. Even then, fuck all that grinding.

This should be familiar to most players, as this woman will sell the pass that lets you into the King's Bounty Pub.

Show it to this guy, and he'll let you in.

Get ready for plenty of awkward dialogue.

Leonora gets out of the way before the women crowd around Palom.


Amusingly, Palom is at 1HP after this.

It was, but if you answer No, he'll let you into the next level, but only if you have the 50k gil pass.

You shouldn't show the book to Leonora.

And of course Palom can't come up with a valid reason to keep his dwarf porn. But believe it or not, this dwarf porn will be very valuable in the future, so make sure you don't show Leonora your dwarf porn collection.

Yeah, not interested. But if you unlock this, you go to a second area that sells the unique Queen equipment, including the Queen's Whip. Another 100k, and you can get some tail that I believe gives you an accessory that halves MP consumption. Alright, but not worth grinding forever for. There's always better accessories anyway, and at the end even buying Ethers is trivial.

And with that, everything I wanted to show off that doesn't require insane amounts of bullshit is done.

UPDATE 10/22: After some soul-searching, I was inspired to show the rest of the King's Bounty Pub. That, and I got around to hacking a ton of gil into my game. So enjoy!

Loose Ends - The King's Bounty Pub (Part 2)

Thanks to the magic of cheat codes, Palom is suddenly a millionaire. Let's celebrate with some tawdry dancing!

First, we gotta go through this again to open the top right door.

Then we buy the Member's Card. 50k gil? Pfft, that's pocket change.

So now we're in the Queen's Bounty Pub.

We're treated to a nice little show to Samba de Chocobo.

The dancers manage to drag Leonora in on the dance.

This is so embarrassing.
One of the dancers was a little off, though.
Please...just don't bring it up anymore.

The left dressing room has the VIP Card for a measly 99999 gil.

The right dressing room has some... interesting equipment choices. The defense bonuses are pretty bad, and they don't increase stats, but they do prevent certain status effects.

Of course, I decide to deck out the timid priestess in dominatrix gear. It makes perfect sense.

That Queen's Whip is actually necessary to use a certain band, so it may be worth picking up if you're a band freak.

The VIP Card unlocks the final area of this place.

We get a more spectacular show this time. Sit back and enjoy!

...Well, then.

It certainly was. It was kind of fun, I thought.

What!? I... Please don't talk like that!
I was just joking...

There is an actual reward for this. For spending so much money to ogle and dance with pretty women, we get a Black Tail, an item we can later trade in for the Twin Stars accessory. This accessory halves MP use, which is nice for random battles but not really that useful for boss battles.

And that's it for the King's Bounty Pub!

We're 75% done at this point, with three tales left, the latter two forming the longest end game dungeon and longest boss rush in perhaps gaming history, as well as the bulk of the game's insane plot.

That said, this coming section is actually my favorite in the game, so I'm looking forward to showing it off.