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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 66

Chapter 53

We're finishing up all our loose ends today. First, a little more item hunting.

Rydia's already wearing the one from Golbez's Tale, but another can't hurt.

Hiding in a forest west of Damcyan is Rydia's Chocobo summon. This one is optional to get, and you might as well get it even though you'll never use it anyway.

East of Agart is a chest with Diamond Armor. Just be careful, as the Fell Knight hits hard and the Imps counter attacks with Confuse. Luca puts the armor to good use.

I forgot to show off Agart, but everyone's hiding and monsters are roaming the town.

Maybe so, but we're not done with you.

...Wow. That dialogue is so bad, it loops back over to being awesome. That stupid line adds personality to the Mysterious Girl purely by accident.

Please, you've got to wake up!
It's no use, Rydia! Titan can't hear you!
He can! I know he can!
Titan and I have been together our whole lives! Ever since I was a child!

Titan hits hard.

Here's the thing. If you go to Agart before any of the other places, you can't beat him. You'll just be sent to a small dungeon under Agart.

You have to do Mysidia first so Porom can randomly save your asses. That's why I saved this one for last.

You can't do this! You're still too weak.
Sorry, Porom.

So now we're floating, essentially nullifying his big attack.

On the other hand, he can now attack twice a turn and use Crush, which instantly kills somebody. When they revive, they won't have Float anymore.

Still, it's not like we even need Float for this battle.

At any rate, it's still a simple enough battle.

Back to the Falcon! Now!

What a reckless girl...

Note that Porom doesn't say a single thing for the entire event other than casting Float. Even when you speak to her again, she repeats her Palom thing. It kind of lessens the impact of an injured Porom just randomly showing up and saving the party's lives.

20/21 Small Tails.

If you don't have Porom to bail you out, Titan will send you here.

Not much of note. Luca already has one from Kain's Tale.

The big thing to note is Rydia hitting L41, which means she can start learning the -aga attacks. Her higher Intellect means she'll be dealing more damage with them than Golbez.

Also, the level cap for this tale is 50, I believe. Maybe higher for Golbez. This is the last tale with a level cap.

One more Eidolon to snag.

Looks like you've freed all the Eidolons.
I have, sir! But how come only my mother's Dragon wasn't captured, out of all the Eidolons?
That would be the work of these children.


We villagers cannot communicate with the Eidolons like you.
But the power's there all the same...and these children hold it within their bodies.
We have only a small fraction of your power, but we still pooled what we had to protect the village.
So this was all your doing!

I...I think I understand now. Thank you...

To be fair, I think they did it more to protect their own asses, but whatever.


No boss fight for this one either. Just getting the other Eidolons gets you the Dragon for free.

Not so fast. We have one last thing we need to take care of.

There's one more optional place to visit, the Eblan Cave.

The enemies are the usual fare.

That's all 21. Now if only I knew where to turn these in...

Oh, right. Speaking of which, I am a collector of tails. If you give me 14 small tails, I'll give you one of my very, very special ones. Otherwise, I'll trade you 7 small tails for any color tail you like. Interested in a trade?

The one requiring 14 tails is the Rainbow Tail. With that, I can trade it in later for the Limit Ring, which lets one character bypass the 9999 damage limit. Pretty damn useful, as the only other way to bypass the damage limit is using certain bands.

The second one I got was the Green Tail, which lets me snag the Rare Band V2. This item increases the odds of getting rare items from battle, meaning the odds of picking up rare items goes from "impossible" to "impossible."

There's a nice katana upgrade for Edge here.

And if it's the same as what the Babil tower once emitted, then...!

Ugh... That didn't do anything...
Are you trying to get yourself killed!?

So yeah, I had no idea what Edge was thinking there. "HEY, MAYBE IF I RUN FULL-FORCE INTO THIS FORCEFIELD, I'LL GET THROUGH IT!"

The device that connects the Tower of Babil to the moon!?
They're going to use it to transport the Crystals up there!
We need to find another way in there!

Looks like they've got other plans for us.
Time to fight back!

What's there to say? This guy's pretty much a beefed-up Malboro.

Seriously, look at the damage differences between the two. At least you're still the best in attacking, Golbez.

Not anymore, though. With these two katanas, I finally ditch long-ranged Edge and move him to the front row. I also take the Giant's Glove from Golbez and give it to Edge.

You can't go into the Tower of Babil, so we have one last thing to do.

And that is entering Baron. We're finishing this tale next time!