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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 71

Chapter 58

Shortening the updates a bit, but in exchange I may do a couple a day. Anything to speed up the endgame.

Meet Team Cooler Than This Game. It's a pretty well-balanced team, with the game's strongest Black Mage, the game's best Item User, the game's second-fastest character, and a strong fighter/Black Mage hybrid. Palom's unfortunately pretty underleveled, so his speed sucks and he doesn't have access to a ton of spells. He'll get better, but he won't be around long enough to learn the -aga spells. Edward's also underleveled, but his only important stat for his role is speed, and he's fast enough for our purposes. At least Cid's there to make Palom seem less sucky. Still, Palom won't be helping as much as I'd like.

Edge, on the other hand, is the team's MVP. I give him the Giant's Glove, and I don't regret it for an instant, as he easily outdamages Golbez despite the level disadvantage and can OHKO quite a few enemies. His awesome speed only further cements his greatness. As for Edward, he has the Economical Ring, Salve, and Bardsong. That's all he needs.

Of course, I had to backtrack a bit to get back to the Lunar Whale since I was on B5 or B6. I could've just walked back and switched the party right at the teleporter, but it makes more sense to just exit the dungeon and walk a few steps than recover old ground.

That's the stuff, baby.

Now, I know you're thinking I'm spending yet another image bitching about Chimera Brains.

Instead, I wanted to show off this drop I got off the Amazon. It's pretty decent women-exclusive armor. Unfortunately, according to you guys, this game sucks at making cool female characters, so nobody in my party can show it off. By the time I make a new party, it'll probably be outclassed with all the other shit I accumulate anyway.

Shit, and just when I got rid of Calca and Brina, too. The Final Outfit is pretty amazing for when you get it. In comparison, it has 9 more Defense and more than double the Magic Defense of the Genji Armor Golbez is currently wearing, and that doesn't include the +10 boost to every stat and the large boosts to Evasion and Magic Evasion. It almost makes me want to use the damn dolls again.

The path for the Ragnarok Sword now leads to the Blood Lance, which is on par with the Obelisk Golbez is currently brandishing, except the Blood Lance lowers all stats. I've got Edward, so I don't need to fool with that thing.

Sweet, Palom learned one of the best status spells. This thing is awesome when it comes to enemies that counter everything, plus it's one less trick Golbez has. Well, Golbez has Pressure, but it's more unreliable and it lasts much shorter than Stop.

Boss time!

I sense...humans!?
Dah! Yet more lives, resurrected by these blasted Crystals?

FF4 Cid is the best Cid.

Who's it going to be this time?
(Oh, no... Not the rulers of Eblan!)

See, I would've brought Edge here regardless, so I'm glad you guys went ahead and chose a team with Edge in it.

As for the fight itself...



Yeah... Me too!

So yeah, that's it.

Your mom and dad, huh?
You got it, people! You just watch...and say hello to Tellah for me, while you're at it!
(O great king of Eblan! You were just as my father described...)

I somehow doubt that.

(His mother and father?)

(Thanks, Mother... Thanks, Father!)

I kind of like how Edge didn't get mopey this time. He's all, "Neat, my monster parents are back again. Sup? Later!" and now he's in a good mood and ready to kick some ass.

Now, to close the update off with a cutscene.

You all right?
You must have a lot weighing on your mind. Cecil, of course...but also, the fates of the Eidolon King and Queen.
I know they must be waiting for you right now, Rydia...just as all the other Eidolons did.
Thank you, Luca... You seem like you've been enjoying yourself up here, on the moon.

Palom, you mean?
No! Oh, no no no no! I'm talking about Master Cid. There's so much I still want to learn from that man!
Have you...talked with Palom at all?

Oh, I don't mean anything more than that. I mean, certainly, I had my fair share of jealousy and everything... But now, it just doesn't matter that much to me anymore.
It's not like I hate him or anything. I've just got other things I need to worry about right now.

We dwarves don't like dwelling over the small things in life, you know.
Hee hee... That's certainly a very dwarven thing to say.
Well, how about you grow a little dwarven spirit yourself, then? We've still got Cecil to save...and also the Eidolon King and his people!

Again, I don't really mind this scene. Yeah, the Palom stuff is a bit too much, but I do like how Luca just grows out of her crush because she has so much more to focus on. And Luca once again proves she's one of the better characters in this game.

If I hadn't already played the next few areas, I'd have replaced Cid with Luca. Though I guess Cid's awesomeness from the original game makes up for his lackluster role in this game.

Next time, we're taking the kids' gloves off and getting into the real stuff. The next few bosses is where the game gets awesome for perhaps the last time.