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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 74

Chapter 61

Today's floor takes place in a wind-themed mountain area.

Hey, you want to know what's worse than a Chimera Brain getting the drop on you? Two of these dickholes wrecking your shit. Of course, at this point even two of their Frost Blasts aren't a big deal.

So there's some passageways, some decorative tornados that do nothing, not much that is exciting.


The flying thing is called Lucifer, which is cute. There's also the Green Dragon, which just kind of sits there and acts lackluster. It did use a Lightning attack on me for minimal damage.

Sweet, I completed the set.

The enemies aren't that exciting this time. There's Storm Animas and Chimera Brains wandering around, so not much new in that regard.

Another elemental archfiend!
The air is blowing like a tornado!
The air is changing rapidly!
(The wind archfiend!)

You've been revived, too!?

Pretty much immediately Barbariccia goes into tornado mode.

Every time you attack her in this mode, she counters with Tornado and Stone Touch. Neither of these actually deters me from attacking her. White Mages are much less useful in this game considering how often you can restock and how easy it is to get items/abilities that replicate White Mage buffs. Edward's probably better than any White Mage, to be honest.

Especially when he gets off a party-wide Haste.

For a laugh, I try out Edge's higher-level fire Ninjutsu, Blast. It's actually better than I expected, though I'm still better off having Edge smash her with his katanas.

Once you knock her down enough, she'll regain her senses and weaken herself for your party's sake. It's actually a nice touch.

Return to your eternal slumber, Barbariccia...

(There's only one archfiend left...and that's the man himself!)
Barbariccia of the Wind... You really opened my eyes with the way you fought.
(Her radiant beauty was matched only by her strength and power.)
(Barbariccia...forgive me.)

Our prize for defeating Barbariccia is the Gungnir, a pretty nice spear upgrade that Golbez can make good use of.

Time for another cutscene.

Oh, it's Edward/Harley. I have a feeling Edward won't be a badass in this one.

My lord.
I know it is late...but I was wondering if I might be able to hear a song tonight.
A song?

One can not create music when one's heart is in a state as chaotic as mine.
Chaotic, my lord?
Harley, a bard is a man who spins together the threads of the past into a musical melody. And yet I, myself, have yet to come to terms with my past experiences.

Well...what makes you think that matters at all?
People are soothed by your song, my lord... They learn from it, and they are emboldened by it. I am no exception to that.
My lord... Do you still wish to put yourself down? Ignoring everything you've accomplished, even now?
Not like that, no.
You know well, of course, that I lost both my parents in the last war.
But I still found hope in my life to keep on living...thanks to your song.
If the past had been any different from what it turned out to be...

So that is why I ask you...
You are right...

And thus the scene ends. Not really much for me to say about that one.

Next time, we fight Rubicante in the most badass way imaginable.