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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 75

Chapter 62

There's two parts to this floor. The first is simply the climb down with a couple of paths to treasure.

The enemies are the usual fare. You have the Evil Dreamers from Porom's CD, and you'll also see Melt Golems from when Ifrit was burning Eblan.

Too bad we don't have a monk, as the Godhand is a nice Holy-elemental claw. Technically Edge could make use of this, but he's better off with his awesome katanas anyway.

The second part of this floor has a bunch of different passageways between two areas. Some lead to treasure, some go in circles.

A fire-elemental harp that hurts dragons. It'd be nice if I actually ever used Edward to attack.

You should never use Edward to attack.

Anyway, the path to continue on is this area in the southeast.

The Red Cap is nice in that it resists fire. This will be even more helpful than you'd expect against Rubicante.

Conveniently, there's another place to teleport to the Lunar Whale. I opt to heal there and save this cutscene for later.

Alright, one more fiend to go.

Wow! Can you feel all that magical power!?
Man, this place is hot!

You...healed us?
(I thought you'd be here!)

Now, we get to one of the most badass moments of this game. Why is it badass?

The game fucking gives you the option to solo Rubicante with Edge. That's right, all that build-up with Edge and Rubicante throughout the game actually has some payoff in that we have the manliest one-on-one imaginable.

I was impressed that the game actually let me do this the first time I played. Needless to say, I did it before, and I'm doing it again.

Call me reckless. I don't care. This is my battle to fight.

Oh fuck yes.

Remember that Red Cap we just got? I hope you equipped Edge with that, as this makes this fight much, much easier.

So Rubicante has cycles. He'll use a physical attack or two in each one, then alternates between Firaga and Inferno. If you have a Red Cap, you're fine. Use Mirage a lot to nullify his attacks.

Make sure you use a Spider Silk, or else you'll spend 90% of your turns casting Mirage and using X-Potions.

With the proper preparations, this battle will be easy even with one character.

What are you...!?

And with that, we've killed all four archfiends again.

I've never seen a foe with such spirit...
Wow! What a guy! I know he fought us and everything, but...
Rubicante... You're every bit the warrior that I heard stories of.
(Your hopes will not be in vain... I swear it!)

You only get the Fire Scarf if you let Edge solo Rubicante.

It's worth the effort, considering the nice defensive boost and fire absorption.

Alright, time for another cutscene.

Hey, a pairing that isn't already established! Two kings at different stages of their lives, two veterans of the former war who never really got many scenes together. If this game had better writers, this could actually be an interesting scene!

We still have yet to find a way to stop the moon's inexorable advance. And what's more...
Cecil's not showing signs of improvement either.
No. But I still believe in him. I know he will find himself again!
Yeah. I'm sure everyone here would agree with that.
Indeed. And speaking of Cecil...Ceodore has grown to be a fine young man, hasn't he?
Yep. Your daughter's nothing to sniff at either.
Oh, not just yet. There is still a great deal of training ahead for her.
Bah. With her leading the way, I'd say Fabul's going to be prosperous for many years to come.
Perhaps...but this is not a Fabul issue we are dealing with. It concerns the whole world.

You are the lord of Eblan. It would be a disaster if you passed away without an heir...
Hold it right there. You're starting to sound a little too much like the seneschal for my liking.

You don't think so?

Maybe so...

So the entire scene was Yang telling Edge that he needs to settle down with a good woman already, since those little ninja princes and princesses aren't going to make themselves!

Great work, writers.

Next time, we start reaching the end of this half of the Final Tale with a brand new party, complete with 75% more Palom.