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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 84

Chapter 70

So we've got four kick-ass characters plus Cid. Cid's role is important, as he'll take hits instead of the other, better characters.

Throwing weapon + Critical Hit = Edge nearing the damage limit.

I stick Edge in the back because his Rising Moon lets him deal full damage. At this point, I ditch the Gil Bands because defense is more important and I already have 4 million gil.

Let's go ahead and do the cutscene first.

Deadly serious. I know I heard it.
We're a great distance away from our home planet, you know.

That voice!
There's no doubt about it. That's the chancellor of Damcyan!

How are things going down there?
...Terrible. Simply terrible. We are enshrouded in deep darkness... The wind and waters are raging...
Oh, no...
Have you heard anything from the other nations?
I fear...we are no longer able to so much as set foot outside our own castle.
We must work faster than ever now!
That voice... Is that King Cecil!?
Yes. The one and only.
He's regained his senses?

This is fantastic news! If King Cecil is with you, the moon is as good as gone...
I'm sorry, but can you hold out just a little longer? We need you to stay strong.
By all means, my lord! You have nothing to worry about with us. But, my lord...please take care of yourself. Damcyan could hardly exist without your stout leadership.
Thank you. Be safe, everyone.
Yes, my lord!

We must! No matter what happens!
That's what you came here to accomplish, after all.
Certainly, certainly.

Is it because the moon...?
Indeed. It means this moon has come that close to reaching our homeland.
Oh no!
So we have no time to lose!
Let's go!

That was different in that the game decided to remind us that yes, there's still conflict beyond "this random woman acts like a complete dick to you for no reason" and also that Edward is the only person in the game with a functioning brain.

So there's a few treasures you have to work around to get.

Those two chests house Worst Malboros, who are laughably easy. It's fitting then that our rewards are two Elixers, something I can already buy 40 of.

Edge and Luca are doing equal damage right now, with Cecil a tier behind.

So hey, let's do a crystal now, shall we?

Now we're on to FF6 bosses. First off, a fucking train. Damn, I should've used some of those bands that let us knock enemies into the air. Surely there's a band to Suplex it.

Its wheel attack hurts hard. Blink nullifies it, but we only have Edge's Mirage and Decoys.

The Masamune casts Haste when used as an item. Edge is already close to doubling everybody at over 60 speed. This makes Edge very, very fast. It also turns him from tripling Cid to getting approximately thirty-eight turns to Cid's one.

Since the Ghost Train is a ghost, Cecil can do some good damage with Excalibur.

The Ghost Train can also inflict Doom and use Shiva's Diamond Dust.

Overall, a rather simple foe.

I felt as if I could hear the voices of the dead...
This moon has everything, doesn't it?
That looked like a steam engine, but it sure wasn't going anywhere...
Was it powering itself with the spirits of the dead?

This floor has some incredibly awesome loot.

The Mutsunokami gives Edge a nice attack boost, but it also lets him cast Blink on people.

Yes, Edge now has access to the two best buffs in the game. On top of his incredible speed, great evasion, and powerful attacks. There's a great case to be made for Edge being the best character in the game.

Let's do another boss now.

Next up is everybody's favorite octopus, Ultros. As you might see from the music, this fight is... special.

...How does he know their names?

He likes to counter attacks with Constrict, albeit with an appropriate response.

His physical attack is tentacle, which can hit once or twice.

Damn, I should've given Rydia the Limit Ring.

Ultros will sometimes cast Earthquake. It's not strong, but it's annoying when I don't have Float or the ability to cure everyone at once.

Much like Gilgamesh, once you deal enough damage Ultros decides to stop fucking around.

Ultros's tentacle can strike up to four times a turn. He also likes to play with Berserk and can ruin your day with Maelstrom.

Also, those spells he was so weak against suddenly get absorbed.

That fucking Tidal Wave actually killed me, dealing mid-3k damage.

Ultros is actually a difficult battle once he starts fighting hard, but I managed to take him down.

He also drops that knife Edge wants so badly. I hope Ultros hasn't been visiting Yang's Wife.

I don't think anything can top that line.

He wasn't such a bad guy. A little strange, but...
I'm not exactly in the mood for games here...
I'm not sure if "lovable" is the word I'm searching for here...
Who the heck was that!? What made him think he could get so fresh with me, huh?

We're done with that floor. Let's continue on.

In the center is our next battle, and this one is a doozy.

Ultima Weapon's such a badass, he gets the Dreadful Fight music.

Ultima Weapon can fucking ruin your day. His physical attack hit Cid for over 5k damage.

Ultima Weapon is also very resilient. Magic doesn't really bother him, and physicals will do around a thousand less damage than usual. Be prepared for a long fight.

He'll also use Thermal Rays, which did nothing to anybody but Edge, and Crush, the instant-kill move.

Cid was a huge asset in this fight, for Ultima Weapon really hates Cid for some reason and kept targeting him over the other characters that were actually doing damage. I just had Rydia continue to revive Cid while the rest turned Ultima Weapon into their personal airship.

Ultima Weapon has a lot of nasty tricks up its sleeve.

After repeated wailing, it finally went down. Wasn't a difficult fight, but it was definitely a nice fun slugfest.

(Weaker life forms?)
That resembled that of the Eidolons, in a way.
An ancient force of some sort?
Ancient, he said? Do the standard laws of time even exist here!?
We...we did it? We're alive!?

So you may have noticed our reward was the Ultima Weapon.

This weapon is, well, sick.

Remember how Cecil was dealing around 2.5k damage? The Ultima Weapon alone boosts Cecil to where Edge was. Of course, Edge's new weapon bumps him slightly higher, but Cecil's now a powerful badass rather than just a mediocre fighter.

It's really amazing just how broken this game can be from the equipment you get. Of course, you kind of need it, but it's amazing watching everyone hit for so much at L50.

So that's three bosses. There's still a fourth boss, but it's a bit special.

Death Gaze will show up in random battles in this floor.

He always starts off with Death and repeatedly casts the single-target version as well as using physicals and Blizzaga. Rydia gets hit once, and from then on only Cid goes down to it, which makes the fight rather easy.

Well, except for one small detail. Death Gaze will randomly run away, which means you have to encounter him again, beat him up some more, and repeat. Luckily, like FF6, he keeps whatever damage you deal to him, but it's still not fun fighting this guy over 20 minutes.

Also, there's a crystal out here randomly.

Finally, after twenty minutes of getting nowhere, I switch to an attack-boosting moon and give Edge the Rising Sun since throwing weapons hurt flying enemies.

I finally bring that asshole down.

Once you do that, you hear a crystal sound, which tells you that this crystal is active now. This reward is probably even better than the Ultima Weapon.

This Crystal will allow Palom, Porom, or Leonora to learn Dualcast, which lets them cast two spells at once.

You all would've voted for Palom, I'm sure, so I went ahead and chose him. I'm certainly excited to play with it later by boosting his Intelligence to the max and giving him the Limit Ring.

Anyway, that's the end of the boss rehashes. Well, almost. We have just one more boss rehash to go, which we'll do next time.