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Part 91: Bands - Rydia and the Four Kings

Bands - Rydia and the Four Kings

I've got 39 bands to go through. Let's get a few out of the way, shall we?

Now here's a good combination. Let's use the four kings of the world, plus Rydia since she shares a few bands with this group.

King's Quad relies on Edward using his Bardsong to bolster the attack of the other three kings. They then proceed to flip the fuck out and rip an enemy apart. It can break the damage limit.

Iron Flash involves Rydia Summoning Odin to bolster Cecil's Attack, allowing him to Zantetkuken the fuck out of the opposition.

This band requires Rydia to be equipped with a Bow and Arrow, using Edge and Rydia's Attack command. Edge leaps out in front of the enemies and offers Rydia his heart. Rydia does the logical thing and shoots an arrow through it. Since Edge's blood beats with the rhythm of a ninja, it proceeds to split the arrow into many and hurl them all into the enemy forces. Yeah, I don't know, either.

Remember that band Edge and Yang picked up when they bonded over Edge not getting laid? Edge channels his sexual frustration into helping Yang beat the ever-living shit out of an enemy.

Short but simple, Edward uses Bardsong to sing to the Mist Dragon Summoned by Rydia to cast Blink on everybody. Simple, but effective.

While Yang prepares to Attack, Rydia Summons Sylph to beef Yang up with Curaja, Haste, Protect, and Shell.

Edward uses Bardsong to boost Cecil's Attack.

Edward uses Bardsong to boost Yang's Attack.

Yang and Cecil decide they don't need music when they can both simply team up on an enemy. Yang uses Kick and Cecil uses Attack. It's pretty good damage considering this is a flan and all.

And I've already showed off Rydia/Edge's Inferno band earlier.

So that leaves 30 bands to show off. I'll do some more later.

Next time, I get back to the main game.