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Part 92: Bands - And The Rest, Part One

Bands - And The Rest, Part One

We have around 30 or so bands to go. I'll be showing off all the rest, barring one which I don't have access to because I didn't spend hours grinding for gil in Palom's Tale. But we'll worry about that one later.

Edward Sings, Calca Jives, and Brina Dances to form a Mystic Waltz. Three unpredictable moves results in Calcabrina dancing along, causing random effects, in this case Confusion to the enemies. As a neat touch, the Calcabrina music plays for the rest of the battle.

Final Calcabrina, which we got from a cutscene before fighting Cagnazzio, involved Cid and Luca tinkering the dolls, then riding them all over the battlefield like insane badasses. Then body parts fly everywhere. Definitely one of the weirder bands.

Cid Analyzes and Cecil Attacks for Machine Break. You can also access this band in the prologue when you have Cecil, Rosa, and Cid fighting monsters at Baron.

Cid and Luca's Attack commands lead to Luca leaping off of Cid, both of them throwing their weapons, and Luca landing on top of Cid to much displeasure. Cute and effective.

Salve + Gil Toss + Risk Strike + Analyze leads to this interesting band, where Edward and Harley throw money at the engineers to make a certain item. This can hurt all enemies or, in this case, heal the party.

Ah, the original band. The twins relearn this one on the moon from a cutscene, combining their magic to make a painful spell that wrecks the enemies' day. It has several possible effects, including that Double Meteor that Golbez and Fusoya used in the original. About time.

The two Black Mages combine their powers to hurl a random number of ice blocks at a random number of enemies, casting bolt on each one. You can actually use this during Porom's Tale.

Rydia's Black Magic and Rosa's White Magic result in Holy Burst, which is a rather painful attack for the enemy party.

Leonora and Porom combine their White Magic to destroy a single enemy with holy energy.

Three Black Magic users combine their power to sweep the battle site with all sorts of elemental magic. The results aren't pleasant for the enemies.

Likewise, three White Mages combining their power gives you every buff in the book. Esuna, Protect, Shell, Blink, Haste, even Float. All on top of a Curaja sundae. Not a bad way to start a battle.

The three White Mages + the two Black Mages = Infinity, a five-man band that combines the power of the game's best mages to utterly destroy the enemies. As you can see, it can break the damage cap no problem.

Black Magic, Ninjutsu, and Big Throw spreads the Inferno love to everybody, frying enemies for solid namage.

Rydia casts Black Magic, Ceodore Attacks, Thunder spreads to everyone. Simple.

Our final band of the day involves our future monarchs flipping the fuck out and smacking a poor enemy around. All that youthful energy, and the only place they have to channel it is in an enemy's face.

I'll do the rest of the bands soon enough.