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Part 93: Bands - And The Rest, Part Two

Bands - And The Rest, Part Two

We've got quite a few bands left to cover, so let's jump right in.

Makeshift Cannon is a five-person band consisting of the youngin's. The mages' magic, Luca's Big Throw, Ursula's Kick, and Ceodore's Attack leads to Luca hurling the two new guys at the enemies, dealing major damage and breaking the damage limit.

Ice Crush, which stems from the cutscene where Luca asks Leonora if she likes likes Palom oh my gosh, consists of Palom and Leonora freezing the enemies while Luca throws her axe at the enemies, which ends up hitting Palom. All three are arguing at each other the entire time, because of course they are. Amusingly, the band hurts Palom, but it's still worth using just because it's actually kind of entertaining.

Palom in the Sky is an evolution of Ice Crush, where the girls argue before coming to a consensus to simultaneously nuke the enemies and Palom. Thus another amusing series of events where Luca and Leonora hurt the shit out of Palom, all before good ol' sis heals his wounds. Palom Bluffs, Luca uses her Big Throw, Leonora uses Black Magic, and Porom White. Palom actually gets healed this time, unlike the other buff.

Another damage limit buster, it involves the new girls showing their stuff by having Luca Analyze, Leonora and Porom using Black and White Magic, and then focusing it on Ursula's Kick to mess up an enemy.

A neat touch is that the Eblan Four can use bands with characters from the country they spied on. In this case, Gekkou spied on Fabul monks, so that gives him the knowledge of combining his Shuriken ability with Yang's Kick to set Yang on fire and hurl him into the enemy forces. Since he's Yang, he comes through unscathed, though the enemies sure don't.

The monarchy of two powerful nations come together to launch an enemy up into space so they can pummel on him in space. This band utilizes everyone's Attack command.

Thanks to Tsukinowa spending much time stalking Porom during his Mysidia days, he figures out how to use his Ninjutsu to assist Porom's White Magic, allowing stronger healing and an Esuna effect to all allies.

The twins combine their magic to petrify the other enemies for a change. Cecil then uses his Attack to hurl an energy blast from his sword because, hey, why not?

In one of the weirder band groupings, Palom focuses his magic while Tsukinowa and Ceodore channel their inner ninjas and literally flip the fuck out on an enemy with Attacks. Yeah, I don't know.

The men go into a synchronized rhythm of slashing the enemies while Rosa focuses on her aim to hurl some holy force at the enemies. This band from the Baron crew uses Rosa's Aim and the men's Attacks.

Edge uses his Ninjutsu to surround the enemy before Kain Jumps on them. After this band, Edge has the Blink status.

The original five use their signature moves, Throw in Edge's case, to create one of the strongest, most bad-ass bands in the game, the aptly-named Final Fantasy. They all take advantage of their special talents to obliterate an enemy while healing themselves a bit. Seriously, I don't think even Palom can deal that much damage in a turn. Just, damn.

During his mission with the dwarves, Zangetsu knows that letting a dwarf Analyze his Human Kite will let him turn into a fucking rocketman, blasting around and damaging all the enemies around him.

Izayoi uses her Ninjutsu to help a Troian's Black Magic, leading to a frozen wave shattering and freezing all enemies.

This special band involves Izayoi, Rydia, and Harley dancing around trying to seduce the enemy while Rosa channels their slut hearts to her bow, firing it at a foe. They then launch more explosive lust hearts to damage an enemy. Illusions, Gil Toss, Black Magic, and Aim are the necessary commands for this one.

The last band I'm showing you guys involves Izayoi, Harley, and Rydia lashing their whips on an enemy. Of course, this band requires the women to all be wielding whips.

So that's everything. There is one band I'm missing, which is actually similar to the one above but involving Leonora and a Queen's Whip from Palom's Tale. Since I didn't bother with that shit, I don't have a Queen's Whip and thus can't use the band. Nevertheless, I may yet show it off in a special future update.