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Part 94: Bonus - Omega

Bonus: Omega

I'm still trying to figure out my dream team. Edge, Edward, and Palom are all musts. Edge is probably my strongest physical fighter and also my fastest and has Blink and Haste. Edward's the best healer in the game thanks to Salve, and he's no slouch as a fighter. Palom, well, I'll show you rather than tell you how awesome he is. It doesn't hurt that these three are also three of the best-developed characters in the game.

I'm probably going to have Luca as a fourth, as she's a great tank, she can do great damage with the Gigant Axe, and she actually has decent speed. And, again, I actually like her personality in the game. Still weighing my options, but right now she's a solid contender for the fourth spot.

The fifth is up in the air, but it's essentially between Cecil, Ceodore, Kain, and Golbez. That's because those are the four who can wield the Ultima Weapon, and the weapon's badass enough to get its own slot. It'll most likely be between Ceodore and Kain due to their high speed and buffs. I bring Ceodore here because he has more variety in his magic and can equip the Lunar equipment. I'm also considering Porom since she's a pretty awesome White Mage and has access to every buff we need, but then who the hell needs a white mage when you have Edge and Edward?

Let's take this team out on a test run.

So remember two updates ago when I gave Palom Dualcast? It lets him cast twice in one turn. It combines the charge time of the two spells he casts, I think, but even then you don't have to wait for Palom's next turn and have to deal with one less counterattack, which is awesome.

The main reason I did an extra battle was to give Ceodore Reflect, which will be very useful against our next boss.

For you see, today we're going to fight Omega.

Omega starts the battle off with Reflect, which makes slowing him a pain since you can't control Spider Silks and Ceodore doesn't learn Slow, meaning I have to wait until Reflect wears off.

Obvious first action is to have Edge Haste everyone. Blink's optional, though once everybody is Hasted it's not like Edge will have anything else to do. Still, Omega rarely uses physicals, so it's probably not worth the effort.

You shouldn't be attacking the first few turns until you're properly prepared. Might as well have Palom boost his magic.

I do recommend layering Shell on, though.

This is Omega's signature attack, which will hurt everyone for good damage and inflict Sap. It's nothing I can't handle, though.

That's because Edward is the fucking man.

I don't need any fucking white mages.

You can hurt him with physicals, but I wouldn't bother.

Omega has several counters, including inflicting Omeguard on himself and following with a Black Hole. Omeguard is a special buff that requires hitting him twice to nullify, ignoring all damage meanwhile. And Black Hole just sucks after Shelling and Hasting everyone.

Toxic will inflict some nasty status effects on a character. You know, if they aren't wearing a Ribbon.

Alright, so our strategy. Omega's Reflect wears off naturally, and he'll only reapply it as a counter, but I still suggest reflecting one of your own to be safe. Nothing's worse than bouncing two spells back on your own team.

Of course, make sure Omeguard is broken before you proceed.

I really don't suggest using any physical attacks just because Omega's counters can fuck your plans up. Having physical characters around is fine if they're fast and can absorb a lot of hits, but really I probably should've replaced Luca with Rydia for this fight, since Luca doesn't do anything.

It's kinda funny Omega can inflict Gradual Petrify of all things, but it's also a rather clever move since you may forget about it while fighting until it's too late. Nice way to catch you off guard.

...And here's where I lose the first fight.

Omega's weak against lightning. Thanks to Dualcast and the Limit Ring, Palom can deal over 20k damage a turn. By himself. Who needs fucking bands?

Dualcast is really useful since Omega's counters, while not deadly, can mess you up. For instance, sometimes Omega counters with arm, which inflicts Confuse.

I forgot Ceodore has Float. Oops.

And yes, he does have physicals.

And that is why you keep track of who has Reflect. And, you know, don't use Reflect on your offensive caster.

Attempt #2.

Another evil move Omega can do is Electromagnetic Radiation, which is a fancy name for Stop. Luckily he never Stopped Palom, but he did freeze Ceodore a few times, keeping him from layering Shell and casting Reflect.

I did sneak in a Spider Silk, though, which helps a lot.

I think that was the most I did in one move. Of course, at one point I end up reflecting Shell onto Omega, though it didn't really affect things too much. Certainly still better than reflecting Haste, but you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

Single-target Maelstrom, because why not? At least it's not multi-target, since that + Sap = Game over.

Late in the battle, I start having Edward escape since sometimes Omega has a final attack that triggers upon his death. I forget the attack, but I'm assuming nobody will survive it, so I want to make sure someone's alive before Omega's dead.

I didn't realize Omeguard was up, wasting 60 MP in the process.

As for this one, Omega didn't have Reflect, but Luca did. Omega used Flamethrower, that pathetic fire attack that only hurts Edge, and Luca reflected it back on Omega. Omega then countered his own attack with Reflect, after Palom was set to attack him. I end up killing Edge and Luca. Oops.

Still, I think Palom did more damage to Edge than any other monster could, so there's some bragging rights.

I do manage to recover from this minor setback of annihilating half my team in one move, once again thanks to Edward.

I also luck out in that Omega didn't use his final attack, not that it would've mattered since Edward would've evaded it anyway. And with that, we've defeated Omega.

Our reward is the Hero's Shield, a pretty nice shield usable by Cecil, Ceodore, Kain, Golbez, and... Cid? Huh. It gives +5 boosts to all stats and is a tier above the Lunar Shield. At the same time, it's inferior to the Adamant Shield, but considering I don't have the materials to actually build it, I'll take this.

Such a terrifying machine...
That was like fighting the god of destruction himself!
That was one heck of an enemy. I'm glad I escaped the ordeal alive...
I'm sorry... None of this was your fault.
How could the Crystals possibly reanimate something like this?

So that's Omega. He's really not that difficult, but rather a test of patience.

I actually beat him my first time through the game, though instead of using Reflect, I just had Rydia hit him for 9999 each round while waiting for Reflect to wear off. I had to do the battle twice because of his final attack, leading me to switch Cecil out with Edward, who was vastly underleveled but still able to hide like a champ.

I'll give Lord Dragon a try next, but I'm assuming he's still going to kick my ass, so I'd expect a proper update next time.