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Part 97: Bonus - Going Out with a Bang

Bonus - Going Out with a Bang

This is the final update of this Let's Play, so let's go out crazy as shit.

Huh, all of a sudden I have a bunch of Megalixers and Discovery Books.

Ancient Sword? That's not in this game!

Baron Key?

Hey, this game doesn't even have bears!

Here's the deal. This game has a ton of items that were dummied out. The After Years' game engine is based on FF4 Advance, so there's a lot of items from that game left over. There's event items, equipment that wasn't reused here, special items from the bonus dungeon, and even completely nonsense items like Honey, Old Man Dolls, and Shiva Crystals.

There's also some items that were potentially going to be in the game but were cut. In addition to the Small Tale and Small Tails, there were going to be Smell Tails and Small Fails. Lovely.

A lot of the powerful super-items are still intact, and a lot of them are even stronger and more useful than the strongest weapons in this game. Holy and Reflect sure beats Comet and Esuna.

This game even has Cecil's Light Bringer, which has 255 Attack and is much stronger than even the Ultima Weapon. But that's not what I want to show you.

Behold, the Tokita Sword. One of three super items, they were likely used for testing purposes yet still reside in the game's coding. These debug items are powerful, each of them giving +15 to all stats. So using all three will give you +45 to all stats, which is sickingly broken.

The Debug Ring has the added perk of combining pretty much all of the rare tail rings, including breaking the damage limit.

Here's a naked Ceodore.

Here's a Ceodore with all three Debug Items. Holy shit.

Let's see how badass Ceodore can be dressed as a pretty kitty.

The Maenads can't do shit to Ceodore.

Everyone can use the sword, including non-sword users.

Eat a dick, Meteor.

Even the dolls can equip this stuff, making them just as broken.

But that's boring. I can already tear these things apart. Let's put this equipment to a real test.

Do you remember Zangetsu? One of the Eblan Four, and the only character not to be in a party during the final dungeon. Zangetsu sure is sad about that, and wishes to redeem himself.

That's why a level 22 Zangetsu has decided to fight Lord Dragon by himself.

The power of the debug items is strong, knocking down a powerful 4k+ Tidal Wave to a tenth of its power.

Unfortunately, Zangetsu can't just coast through this battle. No, he has to use actual strategy.

His other equipment is a Ribbon and Adamant Armor.

Hey, that tickles!

Zangetsu just needs Reflect for Lord Dragon's first two attacks after Tidal Wave. Reflect works on Doom, which means Zangetsu's set. Lord Dragon's other attacks won't kill Zangetsu outright.

So beautiful.

Zangetsu was too foolish to fight in a proper Attack + moon, so this fight takes a long, long time.

Luckily, Lord Dragon encourages Zangetsu by feeding him plenty of delicious electricity. I believe Lord Dragon is rooting for Zangetsu!

Then he has to go and cancel out Zangetsu's Haste. Poor Zangetsu.

Zangetsu even gets so bold as to show off a bit. Arrogance doesn't suit you, Zangetsu.

Yes, I just beat Shinryu with a L22 Zangetsu.

So yeah, the debug equipment is just that good.

Remember that one band we were missing because I was missing a Queen's Whip? I now have enough to give them to all the girls.

It's supposed to turn an enemy into a pig. Of course, it didn't. The whip's pretty weak, too, and Attack - moon and all means the band is unimpressive.


Leonora's so embarrassed that she's decided to go training.

Leonora knew that if she believed in herself, she can become the most powerful princess priestess mage on the moon.

Of course, everyone else decided to follow her plan and ruined her fanfare. Here's the results of everybody's training. If you don't like pretty numbers, feel free to skip the next 22 images. All characters are naked for these stats.

But what good is power if you can't show it off?

No, silly Edge! You're using the wrong knife!

Much better.

The kings decide to party down for crazy damage.

Palom's not one to be shown up, of course.

There. Over 40k damage. I think that's a great place to end this Let's Play.

Thanks again for reading this Let's Play! Until next time!