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Part 13: Bonus Chapter 1 - Cid and Tellah's Quests

Bonus Chapter 1 - Cid and Tellah's Quests

I've finished one run, but there's still so much more to show off! Today I'm going to show off what happens when you recruit Cid and Tellah, the two characters we skipped the first run. Note that I will not beat the game with them like I originally planned since I doubt they change the ending much, but rest assured that the next update will focus on beating the game with Dark Knight Cecil and the "default" party.

Anyway, first we have to make room for our new characters, and since the alternative is do two dungeons to get rid of Edge and Kain...sorry, twins.

Of course! It's your brainchild, after all.


Is that one of the Red Wings?...
Impossible! Rosa and I took them all out.

It almost looks like it has no pilot!
Did they rebuild one and automate it?

This fight's pretty simple.

Like the enemy this guy's a palette swap of, this thing's gimmick is Reflect fuckery, bouncing off spells like Bolt3, Bio, and Stop before using a weak Maser attack and repeating the process.

Even in the back row, Cid wrecks this guy since hammers wreck robot enemies. He's little issue.

That was easy.

I wish I could say the same about Tellah's dungeon.

Remember the Magnetic Cave, and how miserable and annoying that gimmick is?

Yeah. It's still there.

But be can't fight with metal items in here. Are you prepared? If so, let's proceed!

The "good" news is we have Tellah for this dungeon.

His magic's mostly the same as the last time we saw him, waaaay back at the Waterway, though he now has Meteo...which he can't cast.

As expected I run from every fight because screw this.

If you only came in here to recruit Tellah, too bad, because you can't leave without the tome.

Most of the treasures are a random assortment of weak stuff that bypasses the gimmick, but there are a couple exceptions.

This...was unfortunate.

But with copious usage of the Fairy Rod and a lot of luck, I manage to win this.

The Break Blade is technically a Dark Sword, but it's non-elemental and can inflict Break on enemies. Most importantly for this dungeon is it's not affected by magnetism.

Which means we can easily eliminate this chest monster hoarding the Venom Axe, which inflicts Poison (which I assume here is the Sap debuff). Weaker that the Slasher Axe I already have, though, and it's still metal.

Don't worry!
We'll do it!

Dark Elf is a major pain. You can't use your best gear, and his magic defense is insanely high so you can't hurt him with magic either. Edge is useless outside of Throw and Item usage. If you happen to have Holy access then you can wreck him but, uh, I don't.

Otherwise his magic is powerful.

Gotta admit that scared the shit out of me.

I pretty much rely solely on Kain's output (oddly his spear isn't affected by the magnetism) with Cecil and Cid chipping in what little they can, with Tellah on debuff duty and Edge healing. It wasn't pleasant, but I got the job done.

At any rate, Tellah's now got some serious flexibility.

You know, if he had the MP to actually cast them. Don't know much about the new spells, but I'm sure I'll learn more about them when I learn them with Palom and Porom.

Next time, back to the moon!