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Part 14: Bonus Chapter 2 - Dark Knight Run with "Default" Party

Bonus Chapter 2 - Dark Knight Run with "Default" Party

Our next run will feature the party we start with once we unlock the Big Whale. We'll also be sticking with Dark Knight Cecil, which changes the ending quite a bit.

First off, quick looting at the Mythril Cave and Bahamut's Moon Base so we're kinda geared up for the upcoming gauntlet.

Of course we can't actually help Yang fight with a full party. I mean, we're already down in the middle of nowhere for no good reason, we obviously aren't that busy.

The twins pick up more magic, nothing that interesting. By the end, Palom will have just learned his last -aga spell.

You don't get the Ragnarok unless you change to Paladin. You can still unlock the shop for arrows and shurikens, though.

I could not be more proud of you, my son, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You will never be able to destroy Golbez once and for all as long as you wield the dark sword.

You still get Excalibur from beating Odin.

Porom's Bonk! move gives an ally a random buff. Eh.

The fiends are a bit harder since this party hasn't done as much grinding, but they're no issue.

Since Kain's not there to insta-gib this mofo, we have to fight the Shadow Dragon.

All he does are counters and insta-death attacks. No biggie.

Apparently he can drop the Cursed Ring, which absorbs all elements but lowers all stats by 5, though apparently you can upgrade it to a broken-ass Hero Ring somehow. Oh well, not gonna worry about it now.

You'll need more than crystals to match my genius!
Power is nothing without compassion...
My people who risked their lives... It is time for you to take responsibility!

And Golbez goes now. Now, though, things change.

You, who are without mercy, now plead for it!?
Wait, You don't understand! In my lust for power... I... I awakened an unspeakable evil spirit...too powerful to control... It waits in the moon's core and seeks to destroy the Earth... It feeds on hatred and violence. If you kill me in revenge, it will become even stronger... It will gain the power it needs to release itself from the confines of the moon... Please, Cecil...
The crystals are under your control now... I have no monsters, no airships, no followers... My life is in your hands. Do with me as you will...

Return to Earth and see the Elder of Mysidia. He will decide your fate.

...wait What did we just fucking do

We let the fucking villain walk away and literally told him to take our only transportation to Mysidia to be judged based on him saying "Oh there's actually a bigger bad further in you gotta believe me." What in the god damn fuck, Cecil.

Though it's interesting that Dark Knight Cecil is compassionate enough to let Golbez live, while Paladin Cecil flat-out killed Golbez.

I'm gonna breeze through the final dungeon because little changes tactics-wise.

All the Crystal gear is replaced with Hades gear, each boosting Wisdom by 5 and reducing Holy damage. The Hades Shield boosts Agility, Wisdom, and Will by 15.

This beauty is tied with Lightbringer for strongest weapon in the game, except it also boosts all stats by 15 and inflicts instant death.

Let's jump right to Zeromus.

I won't let you destroy the Earth!
HA HA HA! Good luck, Earthling!

Fool! My Dark Barrier can never be dispelled by a man of darkness!

Things don't go so well this time.

...Suffer...And...perish... My hatred will last until I destroy all... Now it's your turn... Come into my darkness!


So, uh, this ain't Cecil...


Oh yeah Golbez is a Paladin now. Sure, why not.

My light has made Zeromus temporarily vulnerable... Go, Cecil! Destroy this evil!

Battle goes same as before.

We did it!
Glad that's over! Sheesh!
Me too, but... I'm a little haunted by what he said...
In order to fool Golbez, I did many things I'm ashamed of. I'm sure it gained power from me.

Thank you for your help.
It doesn't make up for everything I've put you through...put everyone on Earth through...

So we end with Cecil forgiving Cecil.

With the twins not petrified, King Santos fulfills his destiny.

And with Kain around, we get to see Cecil's wedding-day jitters.

Otherwise the only other difference is Kain being at the wedding as Cecil's best man.

And instead of the various other characters returning the crystals, now it's Paladin Golbez.

And that's it for that run!