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Part 16: Bonus Chapter 4 - Solo Dark Knight Cecil Run

Bonus Chapter 4 - Solo Dark Knight Cecil Run

This was also streamed. If you're curious, here are the episodes.

Mega64 posted:

Bonus Chapter 4 - Solo Dark Knight Cecil Run
--- Stream Episodes: [1] | [2] | [3]

This run will be much shorter, as I skip over everything that isn't a boss.

As before, Golbez starts off not doing anything but countering physicals. He has 30k HP, and he starts his attack pattern upon hitting 20k HP.

Dark Holy is a bit much for me, so I grind a bit and also gear up to boost magic defense/evasion as high as I can get it.

This extra bit is enough to make me survive Dark Holy, and I go into a pattern of X-Potion/X-Potion/Fight/Fight until I finally defeat Golbez in a very, very slow fight. I burn through 40-50 X-Potions doing this.

Pale Dim is a joke as before, but I find an interesting glitch.

If I switch mid-battle to the Avenger, I go Berserk but with the old weapon and armor I have equipped. Thus a Berserk Cecil attacks Pale Dim with the Blood Sword, which is actually unoptimal since it's nonelemental and thus won't wreck the holy-elemental Pale Dim like the dark-elemental Avenger would have. However, it does mean I can leave to use the bathroom and get more beer while gameplay is technically happening, so it works itself out.

I test this glitch out again and find out you keep the shield's effects too, so I automate this fight too.

Since I can't just magic them away, I figure the best way to cheese this is to boost my magic defenses and hope DK Cecil can equip the Robe of Lords like PAL Cecil can to reduce the Ice3 damage.

Likewise, the physicals are deadly enough I decide to hold off on this fight.

Also, this area was oddly difficult in general because for some odd reason DK Cecil just wanted to take his time running away. I had a couple wipes due to his casual pace killing him.

The good news is the Lord of Robes is indeed equippable by DK Cecil.

This made the Dark Lunar fight much more manageable, and I kept myself healed until three rounds later they started killing each other with Ice3, netting me the Hades Gauntlet and, more importantly, the Ribbon.

Wyvern was significantly easier than I expected. With the Ribbon and Lord of Robes, I could easily tank his magic attacks, and at this point I could do over a thousand damage with the Blood Sword, so I was effectively immortal. I even did the Avenger glitch here because why not.

Reminder that DK Cecil's strongest weapon outside the Deathbringer is tied between the Blood Sword and the Avenger at 100 power. The Deathbringer is 200 power. Meanwhile PAL Cecil gets the Defender (125), Excalibur (150), and the Ragnarok (175). DK Cecil has a bit of a bad power curve against his favor.

Ogopogo gets manageable with the extra offense, but honestly it was the extra levels more than anything, since later I switched to Blood Sword, and at that point I was healing more than he dealt even with Tidal Wave. The key point is I bulked up on defense since the only things that matter are his physicals, since Tidal Wave does set damage based on Max HP.

As for the final boss, Zeromus...

...was a complete and utter joke. Yes, this run started off more difficult than Paladin Cecil, but by the end it could literally be automated. It probably helped I opted to equip the Lord of Robes here, since its high magical defenses were much more useful against a foe that only casts magical attacks. So once again, I donned the Blood Sword and then did the Avenger glitch to Berserk myself with the Blood Sword.

Zeromus was completely helpless against me. This was the easiest FF boss fight I had since the time I fought Neo Exdeath with White/Red/Bard/Chemist and prebuffed to the point where I Holy-ed NED to death before it got a single turn.

At any rate, this run also has a unique feature.


Actually, this is a pseudo-new game plus. Cecil keeps his stats, and his inventory and cash are the same, though the other characters are at their defaults.

So if you want, you can just steamroll through the game again with little effort. But hey, might as well make my own ending, right?

Upon reaching this point, Cecil realizes he has no reason to follow the king's orders. He chooses to go back to Baron and question the king, only to discover the plot unfolding in Baron. Since he's L55, Cecil quickly murders the fake king and captures Golbez, thus foiling the plot in Baron. With the dark deed vanquished, the Water Crystal is restored to Mysidia, Rydia's mother lives, everyone lives happily ever after, and most importantly The After Years never happens.

The End!