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Part 7: Cecil Suffers a Bad Break-up

Chapter 7 - Cecil Suffers a Bad Break-up

Welcome to Fabul, the nation of warrior monks, or Karate Men in this version.

There's a nice shop here, where you can upgrade Cecil's armor and buy Yang an extra Claw. I opt for an IceClaw here.

Carbolic Smokeball wrote an excellent post explaining how Yang's claws work, which I'll share here:

Carbolic Smokeball posted:

This is how I remember it to work:

Elemental weapon damage adds a x2 multiplier to damage. So Yang uses his Fire Claw on an enemy that is weak to Fire, he does twice the damage. I've heard that some enemies have a Very Weak status that causes x4 damage, but I don't think the game distinguishes which is which to the player.

Yang is special though, because he's one of the only characters in the game who can equip two weapons at a time. So what happens if you give Yang two Fire Claws and attack an enemy weak to fire? As far as I can tell, it will only register the bonus once, so you're do the same damage as if you only have one Fire Claw. Knowing this, there is little point in using two of the same type of claw.

Now, what happens if you're fighting an enemy who is weak to Fire, strong against Ice, and Yang has a Fire Claw and an Ice Claw equipped? I believe the game will always register a weakness before a resistance, so you don't have to worry about doing reduced damage.

And finally, if Yang's claws have no attack power and only provide elemental and status effects, is there any other benefit to using them? Well, his bare-fist hit rate is about 50%, whereas his first tier of claws add 30% to that. Due to the way damage is calculated in this game, the damage you see after an attack is actually the culmination of multiple attacks that occur behind the scenes. A higher hit rate = more attacks that hit = more damage.

On the top of the left tower, we meet the best NPC in the game: Yang's Wife.


She doesn't actually get a name in this version, but in later versions and The After Years it's Sheila.

In the other tower is a dancer, which... pictures can't do justice. Seriously, I recommend watching the video for this one.

Video: Fabul Dancer

The top of the right tower is where the King sleeps.

Alright, it's time to talk to the king.

King! The Baronian Kingdom mobilized his force to get our Crystal of Air! The one called Golbez is behind this attempt.
These people here came to let us know.
Who...are these people?

But you're a Dark Knight of Baron. Can I really trust you?
King! They are trustworthy! They came to my defence when I was attacked.
Not a moment is to be lost!
There is no time!

I am glad to see you again, sir.
Oh! Prince Edward!
Damcyan, too, has suffered from the attack and had the crystal taken away! I lost my parents and beloved friend! Would you let the same thing happen to Fabul!?

Unfortunately, I don't have the post that mentions this, but someone mentioned in the thread how Edward's role as royalty is important in this scene, as Cecil being a Dark Knight puts doubt into his warning. If not for Edward, things could go a lot worse. Granted, Yang's word would probably be sufficient enough anyway, but having the prince of an allied nation supporting you definitely doesn't hurt.

Like we actually have a choice in the matter.

They are all outstanding combatants! I ask them to take the forefront!
Very well! I leave the matter in your hands!

This translation makes this seem more sexist than it really is. In other versions, the king asks the girls to assist with healing, considering Rosa's a skilled white mage and Rydia can help a bit too. At least it's not "women shouldn't be fighting in the front lines" but rather "we need healers to assist the wounded during the battle."

Take care.
So do you, and you, Rydia!

And now we begin one of the more badass sections of the game. You may want to watch the following video if you haven't seen this before.

Video: The Defense of Fabul

It's kinda funny watching that one guard rush to his post.

This section consists of many battles at once. We only have access to Yang, Cecil, and Edward, but really we could solo this section with Cecil or Yang if needed, maybe even Edward.

The General has the same strategy as the one Cecil fought in Kaipo. The General commands the Fighters to fight.

Then he runs away once his soldiers are dead. I don't bother beating the General first this time.

Sorry! I dragged you into a hopeless war!
I told you. The cause of war is not yours alone! And... We haven't lost yet!

The enemies aren't threatening in the least.

The King has already taken refuge with the women and children! Draw the enemies and...

We can't hold here any longer!

Where is the crystal?

What!? What are you doing?!

Turns out it was a Gargoyle disguised as a monk. Edward's Charm makes this guy a laugh.

Immediately after we get another weak attack. The challenge for this section isn't the individual battles, but rather trying to stay healed when you get no chance to between battles. It's actually pretty cool how they shake things up from the usual boss battle to simply having the castle being invaded by weak enemies.

Also remember that the other monks aren't actual soldiers, but mere trainees. The soldiers died back at Mt. Hobs. Thus, it makes sense that these creatures, though not too difficult for us, could overwhelm L1 scrubs.

Edward randomly trips. Insert your own Brawl joke here.


Despite what the cutscene suggests, Edward's tripping doesn't actually affect anything.

The trio stand guard at the last line of defense, ready to take out whoever comes next.


Here's another video I recommend watching, just because this entire update has some pretty badass, pivotal sequences.

Video: Cecil Meets an Old Friend

It's been awhile, Cecil.
Kain! You're alive!

Single combat, Cecil!


This isn't a winnable battle. I mean, theoretically you could win I guess, but nothing will change.

What's wrong?

Got you!

You are under Golbez's...
I'll put you out of your misery.
You can't!

Kain, why you!
Don't look at me!

Upon seeing Rosa, Kain suddenly has an internal crisis and freezes up.

Listen to this:

You are Golbez!
And you are Cecil. Glad to see you...


That's enough. Take the crystal, Kain.
Yes, Master!

No, Kain!
Is this girl so important to you? Very well! I shall see you again.


Quite a lot to process there. First thing is Cecil's best friend being brainwashed. Cecil's pleas don't get to Kain, but Rosa's certainly do. Of course, before he could snap out of it, we meet the game's villain, Golbez.

Ah, Golbez. That's how you do an entrance. You come in, gloat a bit, completely incapacitate two guys with a bolt of lightning, and then steal the protagonists's girlfriend. Speaking of which, way to make yourself a target for kidnapping, Rosa.

Back when I was LPing The After Years, there was talk of this very scene, in particular why Golbez left Cecil alive. At the time, I myself didn't know and figured it was just one of those plot holes that the writers just didn't bother with because, hey, common sense says if the villain kills the protagonist immediately there's no game. The dialogue here actually gives a reason, being that when Golbez discovers how important Rosa is to Cecil, he sees a use in keeping him alive, using her as bait or something to control Cecil. Of course, this is contradicted later by further dialogue, but that's for another time.

But the gang was defeated, the crystal was stolen, and Rosa was kidnapped. This is a pretty low point in the story.

Rydia cures the gang, and they rush over to the grieving Cecil.

You Okay?
Thanks, Rydia. But Rosa was taken.
And the crystal.

Here's the thing about Rydia. After Cecil saves her in Kaipo, she doesn't say another line until she calls Edward a crybaby. After that, she talks a bit when Rosa's revived, and she has her scene at Mt. Hobs, but Rydia really isn't part of the plot the way the other characters are. She doesn't say a lot because, hey, she's just a child. She's probably still grieiving for her mother, and she's traveling with some guy she barely knows because she really has nowhere else to go. Everything that's going on is probably over her head. These guys are royalty or soldiers, people experienced in politics and war. Rydia's a kid who grew up in a quiet town in the mountains.

This is why I like this next part. Rydia takes it upon herself to act as the party's cheerleader, to get the miserable lot back to task.

We will help you this time. Heal the wound and let us think about how to rescue Rosa.

Of course, Cecil's still in a pretty bad funk from losing his girlfriend, but everyone's still by his side, willing to support him as he did with them.

I mean, it's not like things can get any worse, right?