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Part 8: Cecil's Adventures at Sea

Chapter 8 - Cecil's Adventures at Sea

Well, that sucked.

Somehow, the king was wounded during the battle.

This is our first opportunity to explore the throne room, and doing so will get us the Black Shield.

To progress the plot, we simply need to go to the inn. No reason not to explore the castle first, though.

There was talk in the thread about monsters being mixed in with the Baron soldiers, and this dialogue proves that having the Baron forces be a combination of the two was actually planned rather than simply throwing in monsters because they looked cool. This really demonstrates the state Baron is in if Golbez is employing monsters.

Thanks for everything!
Are you okay?

This is why Yang's wife is the best NPC.

The King will proceed to lay in bed for the rest of the game. Great fighter indeed.

Time to decompress.

We must rescure Rosa!
But we need the Airship. Baron is the only one who has it.
Can't we sneak in?

Let's make it on the sea!
But how?
I will ask the King for a ship. He will cooperate with you.

Who is that Dragoon?
Kain who used to be my best friend. Together, we swore to get out of Baron.
I see.
Anyway, we must take a rest now.

The scene then changes to the king's bedroom.

I see... Yang, go and help them. We owe Cecil so much. A ship will be arranged soon.

But it is still the arms of the dark side... It will not work against the true evil.

The Black sword is pretty awesome. Not only is it a nice damage upgrade for Cecil, it has a chance of instantly killing a non-undead enemy. We're definitely going to abuse the shit out of this sword.

The king suggests that this pretty badass blade won't be effective against true evil. I assume he means it won't OHKO Golbez since he's a boss and all.

Go to the harbor to the east as soon as you get prepared. You'll find a ship is there for you.

Well, we're done with Fabul. Let's go show off some stuff.

Here's Stop. It completely freezes an enemy, which is awesome, and it lasts longer than Hold.

I tried to find an enemy that wouldn't die to Cecil's attack, but the enemies around Fabul are too weak. As you can see, the translation is complete bullshit because that sword is clearly not black.

Northeast of Fabul is a Chocobo Forest. Sure, why not?

Team Three Men and a Little Lady's next task is to sail to Baron, where they will sneak in and hopefully procure an airship.

This video contains the rest of the update, just so you know.

Video: Sea Adventures

Yang's Wife is there to say farewell to us.

Honey! Take good care and fight bravely!
The others too!
Yes, madam!

It won't take long to reach Baron! Now, let's get going!

Raise the anchor!

After a triumphant team jump from the crew and a wave-off from Sheila, the ship takes off.

The sounds of the ocean cause certain instruments to be muted in the overworld theme, making it more mellow. It's a neat effect, which you can hear in the video.

What would you do after we arrive at Baron?

Hope he's okay.

Are you cold? You are shivering.
No, it's nothing...

The ship starts shaking. Uh-oh.

Is that true!
The Master of the Seas!


...Oh shit.

The sailors start running around in a frenzy.

The captain's command actually freezes the sailors in place for a few seconds. Then they start running around randomly again. It's actually pretty funny considering our ship's about to get attacked by a giant sea serpent.


Rydia! Yang!

Another violent shake knocks Edward down.



Where am I?