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Part 14: Cecil Begins His Bid for Power

Chapter 14 - Cecil Begins His Bid for Power

So Palom and Porom have nobly sacrificed themselves to save Cecil. Let's just say this won't be the last time this will happen.

Video: The Enterprise

But enough about that. Golbez is busy getting ready for New Year's Eve.

Seems like Kainazzo has been defeated...
About the last crystal...
I know...but it is a problem.

We have Rosa. We can exchange her for the last crystal.
That's an idea. We can do away with him then......

Hold on a minute. Isn't that the very reason you left Cecil alive? Isn't that the reason you kidnapped Rosa in the first place?

I don't know, maybe Golbez felt sorry for Kain and just decided to give him this one.

I'll be the messenger.

Riiiiiight. Kain definitely has an inferiority complex or something. Then again, it's fucking Cecil. Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him and is willing to die for him. Must be the purple hair.

But enough about that. It's time we get ourselves a fucking airship.

This translation never gets old for me.

What a surprise!
Let's go now, Enterprise!

Aw yeah, we got ourselves an airship. The world is ours!

White flag...
for surrender...?

You are alive...
What do you think you're doing, Kain?
How is Rosa?
Worried? If you want her back, get me the Crystal of Earth.

Dirty slime!
I'll exchange her with the crystal. Crystal or Rosa's life!

Well, looks like after all that Cecil's going to end up stealing another crystal after all. You know, the very act that compelled him to start this mess. It sure is funny how these things work.

That Kain...

Omitting three boxes of Cid telling us the controls for the airship...

And with that, we have a fucking airship.

Sadly, we're not going to play with it today. We've still got a couple things to do before exploring the world.

Cid is our newest member. Like Yang, Strength and Stamina are his strong suits, those he's also pretty damn slow. He's not really as great as Cecil and Yang, and he only has one special ability, Peep/Libra, which is probably the worst special ability in the game because Cecil and Tellah can already do the same damn thing with a very cheap spell. At least what he lacks in battle, he more than makes up for in the actual story.

As a nice touch, he only comes with a Wooden Hammer and the Prisoner garb. Definitely going to need some upgrades soon.

The rest of this update will be us revisiting Baron, with everything back to normal, minus a king of course.

We've already seen this happen with Kain and Yang. Golbez is pretty adept at the whole brainwashing thing.

Oh yeah, the basement. That was sealed last time, but it should be open now.

Another interesting detail. It's come up before about how Golbez mixed men with soldiers, and this guy confirms that Golbez is bossing monsters around. I mean, his top henchmen are pretty ridiculous creatures.

Size isn't even a Black Magic spell, man.

Considering the king was actually a giant turtle the entire time, maybe you should be.

Simple lines like these are the best. They're cute in their brevity and simplicity. You never see many NPCs as brief as some of the ones in FF4.

I'd love to see a RPG where all unimportant NPCs spoke in three words or less.

Some guard you are. You're in charge of defending your kingdom, so your first reaction is to hide like a little bitch. Coward.

Now that Baron has no king, NPCs are suggesting that Cecil take the throne. It does make sense, considering Cecil has leadership experience, he was chummy with the (legit) former king, and he's not afraid to take tough actions. That, and being a man skilled both in war and in compassion gives him the balance needed to properly run a country. Not that there's much skill in running a country in a RPG, of course.

At least you're not that blue guard.

Palom and Porom are still petrified. You can try using items on them, but nothing works. This includes Gold Needles, which aren't in this version, but will give you a message saying that said item in particular won't work on them. That, and maybe the walls would start moving again or something. So that's it for the twins.

You sure will!

Also, Golbez managed to steal the entire airship fleet of Baron, so now Baron has no airships left but the Enterprise, which we kinda need right now.

I don't get it.

Remember this area? We can enter it now.

It's nothing but a secret throne room. I don't really know why anyone would need a super-secret throne room.

Your Majesty!?

Oh hey, it's the King! For real!

Then he disappears. Oh well. Despite having an airship, we won't have access to said area for a long time, so just keep that in the back of your head while we continue on.