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Part 22: Cecil's Having a Blast!

Chapter 22 - Cecil's Having a Blast!

Well, we defeated Lugae, but the crystals aren't here and the dwarves are going to be blown to bits.

This area is a dead end, so it's time to backtrack.

One more enemy is the Medusa, who likes to inflict Gradual Petrify. She can also drop Medusa arrows, which also inflict gradual petrify, meaning it takes several of Rosa's attacks to do the same thing as the Stone/Break spell Rydia will learn eventually. Yeah, kind of a waste.

Remember this locked room? Guess we've found the use for the Tower key.

I really, really recommend watching both videos for this update, especially the second one.

Video: Yang Blows His Top

Your fun is over!

Ahahaha, really?

Three fucking Imps? That's all? What a joke.

OK, that's not good.


What are you doing?
I'll take care of this! Go on, escape!
No! Don't!
It'll explode!

Yang then proceeds to punch all four people outside the room. Maybe I shouldn't have boosted his strength so much...

Tell my live for me!
Open up, Yang!
Please! Please don't do this!
It was a good trip with you all!
Yang!! Open the door!!

...Jesus Christ. Yang just sacrificed his own life to save the dwarves. He literally blew up the cannon at the cost of his own life to save some people he just barely met. Yang truly was compassionate to the end.

First the twins, then Tellah, and now Yang. This game is just killing everybody off.

Unfortunately, we have to keep going. We can't simply cast Exit out of here, so our four-member party just has to continue backtracking.

All the way back to the entrance.

Seriously, watch this next video.

Video: The Most Daring Escape Ever


Just when things get bad, Cid shows up to save the day.


I see...
Poor Yang...
Who's this girl?
Rydia... The Caller of Mist.

What are you doing!
Get out of the Underground! I'll close the hole with this bomb!

Oh, Cid...
I wanted to see your children... Rosa......Cecil......

Come on!

Cid then jumps out of the fucking airship to his imminent death.

That alone would be a chump way for Cid to go out, though, so he fucking blows himself up.

This is why Cid Pollendina is the greatest Cid in the series. All the other Cids wouldn't have the courage to nuke themselves to save their friends. Cid, like Yang, sacrifices his own life to save the lives of others. Also, like Yang, Cid does it through exploding.

Cid's sacrifice isn't a waste, either, as he does seal off the Underworld, trapping the Red Wings within and letting the party escape.

Naturally, with Yang and Cid dead the party's morale is at an all-time low.

It's too dangerous!